2017: Canada’s 150th anniversary

Keep celebrating 2017 with us!

October 15 marked the last day of the MosaïCanada exhibition. Since June 30, over 1,300,000 visitors have come to Gatineau to admire the 33 mosaicultures. Thousands of you also dropped by our STUD!O 2017 to explore our content and take a selfie in our photobooth. A huge thank you for allowing us to be part of this historic event with you!

Recapture the CBC/Radio-Canada experience!

It’s not too late to re-experience MosaïCanada and find out the stories behind some of the sculptures. The exhibition may be over, but the MosaïCanada: The CBC Experience digital portal lives on! Join the 16 000 persons who have visited it in the past few months and relive some key moments in Canadian history. Remember to share your newfound knowledge with the #cbc2017 and #RadioCanada2017 hashtags!

WHAT’S YOUR STORY: Stay tuned for some big news!

Thanks to the hundreds of stories you sent in, the WHAT’S YOUR STORY project has taken off in ways we never imagined. In the coming weeks, we’ll have the pleasure of announcing some big news about the initiative. Stay tuned by following us on social media and visiting our 2017 portal!

Be part of the conversation!

#cbc2017 #RadioCanada2017

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