2017: Canada’s 150th anniversary

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The clock is set and we are counting down one hundred and fifty days until 2017, when Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary of Confederation with a year of events.

Canadian Heritage and CBC/Radio-Canada have joined together to announce the countdown to 2017. Together, we will share what is taking place across the country over the next 150 days and aim to increase public participation, visibility and awareness of the countdown events. Watch for Canada 150 countdown activities, including stunts, group selfies, public art, surprise flash mobs and major announcements near you.

At CBC/Radio-Canada, we will be a part of the 150 day countdown to 2017 by highlighting a range of activities – from the smallest of community festivals to grand signature events. Stay tuned as there will be something for everyone happening across the country sure to delight and inspire.

As we move throughout the countdown year, CBC/Radio-Canada invites Canadians to join us in creating a national collection of content that will be shared on our digital platforms and social channels. We’d love to hear about your experiences at 150th anniversary events or by simply sharing your story.

We invite you to show your community spirit and share your story through social media or plan your own countdown activities. We look forward to the next 150 exciting days counting down to 2017.

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