2017: Canada’s 150th anniversary

Mark 2017 with us!

You were with us to celebrate the beginning of the year on January 1st. You’ve shared hundreds of stories and memories for our WHAT’S YOUR STORY? project. You tuned in by the thousands during our special Canada Day broadcasts.

The excitement continues at MosaïCanada!

While summer draws to a close, we continue to be at the heart of the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Among others, we are in Gatineau until October 15 to welcome you in our MosaïCanada STUD!O 2017. Even if you can’t come to meet us in person, you can live the CBC Experience at home, by visiting the digital portal developed by our team. You will discover works of national significance that will transport you through our great historical moments, provinces and territories.

That’s not all: Keep an eye out for all the other activities that will happen before the end of the year! We also invite you to continue to share your 150th anniversary adventures using our #cbc2017 and #RadioCanada2017 hashtags.

Be part of the conversation!

#cbc2017 #RadioCanada2017

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