2017: Canada’s 150th anniversary

What’s your story?

We want to hear from you!

Starting today, CBC/Radio-Canada is giving Canadians a digital space to share their personal stories and memories (in text or video format, accompanied by photos) that define what it means to be a part of this country at this time in our history.

  • Are there people or places in Canada that inspire you?
  • Was there a single moment you felt proud to be Canadian?
  • If you could change one thing about Canada, what would it be?
  • Are you working on a special project that will make Canada a better place to live?

Find out how the idea for the yearbook came about!

CBC/Radio-Canada’s 2017 project leaders tell the story behind this national storytelling initiative.

Tell us your story at cbc.ca/whatsyourstory #cbc2017


CBC/Radio-Canada is offering you special 2017 programming on all of our platforms, including documentaries, radio programs, kids programs, entertainment and arts specials, innovative digital and virtual reality initiatives, and ongoing news and current affairs coverage of people, places and events in every region of the country. Explore our special programming at 2017guide.cbc.ca.

Keeping track

Here’s a handy calendar for 2017!

*Consult this section regularly as we will have ongoing initiatives to share and announce as it relates to our involvement in 2017.

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