Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, chaired by Maryse Bertrand, Vice-President, Real Estate Services, Legal Services and General Counsel, comprises:

  • Pierre Châtelain, Senior Director, Project Management / Property Management, Real Estate Services
  • Dany Harrison, General Manager, Radio-Canada Productions
  • Richard Juneau, Chief of Staff, Office of the VP of Real Estate, Legal Services and Corporate Secretariat
  • Daniel Langlois, Manager, Development and Special Projects, Real Estate Services
  • Marc Y. Lapierre, Executive Director, Real Estate Services
  • Michael Mooney, Senior Director, Corporate Finance and Administration
  • Louise Panneton, Consultant

Role and Mandate of the Steering Committee

  • Reports to and obtains the necessary authorizations from the Board of Directors and the Committee on Real Estate Projects
  • Is responsible for approving the strategy and the procurement documents, as well as the final agreement
  • Plays an active role in communications
  • Ensures advancement of the project and makes available the necessary resources to ensure the timetable is respected
  • Makes decisions on matters submitted to it

Coordinating Commitee

The Coordinating Committee, headed by Pierre Châtelain and Richard Juneau, comprises:

  • Philippe Audet-Lapointe, Senior Director, Supply Management
  • France Binette, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Supply Management
  • Michel Comtois, Senior Director, Operations, Radio-Canada Productions Lyne Dubois, Manager, Building Projects
  • Sébastien Dubois, Legal counsel II, Legal & Corporate Secretariat
  • Hélène Fournier, Corporate Manager, Budgeting & Forecasting, Finance and Administration
  • Marcel Gauthier, Deputy Executive Director, Property Management and Transactions, Real Estate Services
  • Daniel Langlois, Manager, Development and Special Projects, Real Estate Services
  • Stéphanie Malo, Senior Legal Counsel, Law Department
  • Serge Martel, Director, Operations Management and Security, Real Estate Services
  • Louise Panneton, Consultant Nathalie Pomerleau, Regional Manager, Operations and Security Management, Quebec Region, Real Estate Services
  • Céline Simard, Director, Strategic Space Management & Development Services, Real Estate Services
  • Jean-François St-Onge, Chef Communications, développement de la MRC de Montréal Paul Tardif, Director, Project Management, Real Estate Services

Role and Mandate of the Coordinating Commitee

  • Coordinates all sub-committees and working groups
  • Ensure sharing of expertise among all project participants
  • Tracks deliverables and achievement of milestones
  • Ensures resolution of any issues

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