Call for Interest – Radio-Canada’s Period Furnishings and Props

Radio-Canada is seeking one or more museums, meaning Canadian institutions that are open to the public and have a building or a room permanently dedicated to the showcasing and interpretation of collections or museum-like content (hereinafter the “Institution”) to acquire, as is and without charge, one or more portions of its collection of second-hand period furnishings and props that have been used in various productions over the years (hereinafter the “Collection”).

This invitation does not constitute a call for tender and in no way limits Radio-Canada’s ability to give the Collection to one or more interested institutions. Radio-Canada is not committed to accepting an Institution’s proposal or any other specific proposal. It may consider any factor that it deems to be in its best interest. Acquisition proposals from antique dealers, collectors, individuals or organizations that do not qualify as museums will not be considered.

The Collection consists of close to 500 second-hand period objects and furnishings mostly of the 20th century, belonging to the following categories: sofas, armchairs, chairs, cabinets, dressers, headboards, sideboards, tables, candlesticks, paintings, copper and brass dishes, television sets, radios, telephones, typewriters, statuettes and various other categories of period furnishings and props. Institutions interested in acquiring all or part of the Collection must intend to preserve and showcase the Collection for the benefit of Canadians by making it accessible to the public. Furthermore, they must show that they have a place of business in Canada and that they are able to pack, handle, pick up at Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal and carry away the Collection or the portion of the Collection of which they take possession, all at their own cost, no later than six weeks after the visit.

Call for Interest procedure:

  1. Expression of Interest Form – Interested museums can express their interest by completing the following online form. Completing the Expression of Interest Form does not, in and of itself, constitute a formal commitment.
  2. On-site visit and pick-up – Institutions that have completed the Expression of Interest Form to Radio-Canada’s satisfaction will be invited, in the order determined by random draw, to visit the Maison de Radio-Canada warehouse in Montreal to take stock of the Collection. They will then be permitted to take possession of the selected portion of the Collection during their visit or by the prescribed deadline thereafter, provided it is within six weeks of the visit.

Institutions interested in acquiring one or more portions of the Collection that Radio-Canada wishes to donate must declare their interest by completing and submitting the following form online by September 27, 2018. Any form received after this date shall not be considered.

Only those Institutions having completed the Expression of Interest Form to Radio-Canada’s satisfaction shall be invited to visit the Maison de Radio-Canada warehouse in Montreal to take stock of the Collection and take possession of the selected portion. Access to the warehouse will be limited and the Institution must assume all risks and liabilities related to individuals representing it during the visit and throughout the process of taking possession of the Collection.

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