CBC/Radio-Canada Internships

Join us for a hands-on work experience that will set your career into motion. You'll have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice, share your ideas and grow your network of professional contacts.

Come discover the future careers that await you at your national public broadcaster. Students interested in interning at CBC/Radio-Canada should consult their university or community college’s internship coordinator for information about opportunities across the country.

Current Internship Opportunities

Requirements - Before you apply, please note:

CBC RequirementsRadio-Canada Requirements

  1. You must be currently enrolled in a Journalism program recognized by CBC/Radio-Canada. Consult your college or university.
  2. You must be entering your graduating year or currently in your graduating year. Internship must be a requirement for graduation.
  3. You must not have already interned in an editorial role at the CBC.
  4. IMPORTANT: You must be recommended in advance by your program coordinator. Get your internship coordinator’s approval BEFORE you apply. You will NOT be considered unless we have received that recommendation from your coordinator.
  5. Interns spend six consecutive weeks on a full-time basis at CBC/Radio-Canada. Full-time means not trying to juggle studies and employment while undertaking an internship. Freelance work is permissible in certain cases.
  6. You must be eligible to work in Canada at the time of the application and for several months after the conclusion of the internship. Although interns are not paid, we need to ensure that you could be employed following your internship.
  7. You and your college or university must ensure you are covered for all eligible insurance costs through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

There will be no exceptions. Please do not apply if you do not meet all criteria.

CBC News internships include: The National, CBC News Network, On the Money, National Radio News (World at Six, The World this Hour), Radio Syndication, CBCNews.ca, Marketplace, the fifth estate, Local Toronto News (TV and Radio) and our Entertainment, Business, Investigative and Health units.

CBC Network Talk internships include: The Current, q, As it Happens, Quirks and Quarks, Spark, Day 6, CBC Books/Canada Reads.

Not all placements are available in all periods.

When you apply for an internship at Radio-Canada, you must provide:

  1. Your resume
  2. Your most recent statement of academic results
  3. A letter of interest

You may also submit any letters of recommendation that you believe may be useful to your application.

Many internships to choose from:

At CBC in Toronto

CBC News and CBC Radio welcome interest in internships at CBC News (television, radio, CBCNews.ca and CBC News Network) and CBC Radio.

At Radio-Canada in Montreal

Radio-Canada’s service de l’Information offers unpaid internships to students twice a year as a part of their studies at a Canadian university. Internships take place in French and mainly in Montreal, in radio, television and digital services, for news and current affairs shows and in the newsroom.

Not all programs are available in each internship period.

  • The National

    The National

    CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge teams with Canada's top journalists for a nightly news event that brings the real story to Canadians where and when they want it. More

  • The Current

    The Current

    The Current is a meeting place of perspectives, ideas and voices, with a fresh take on issues that affect Canadians today. More

  • Marketplace


    Back for its 4Oth season, digging deep into slick scams, misleading claims and maddening customer service, putting the products Canadians use daily under the microscope. More

Internship/Scholarship Programs

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