Diversity and Inclusion at CBC/Radio-Canada

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Diversity and Inclusion
at CBC/Radio-Canada

At CBC/Radio-Canada, we’ve come to embrace inclusion as a mindset.

We’ve deepened our thinking from focusing mainly on numbers and compliance to something that is far more encompassing and that enables us to become even more relevant to more Canadians.

Our diversity and inclusion vision is to be the media leader in drawing on the wealth of unique Canadian perspectives to shape our content, workplace and workforce. We believe in celebrating human differences, and know that there is no other path to becoming the best public broadcaster for all Canadians.

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past years, and our employees come from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures that reflect the changing demographics of our country. There’s still more work to be done, and we know that there will always be new perspectives to consider, new voices to hear and new ideas that will continue to broaden our understanding of what inclusion means.


Here’s a sampling of what is being done to foster greater diversity and inclusion at CBC/Radio-Canada.
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Developing Emerging Leaders Program

This 10-month program uses a combination of in-class theory, experiential learning, exposure to senior leaders, mentoring, assignments and shadowing. It is meant to equip diverse employees with insights, tools and strategies to skilfully advance their careers to the next level with confidence and purpose.

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Unconscious Bias Training

All of our senior leaders go through unconscious bias and inclusive leadership training to help foster a culture of inclusiveness – one of our core values. Similar training is also provided to other employees across the organization.

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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

There are many ERGs within the Corporation made up of employees who have come together to share common backgrounds and experiences and foster a greater sense of belonging.

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Indigenous Internships

One-year paid internships have allowed Indigenous reporters to join our regional and network newsrooms. In 2018, the program expanded beyond News to welcome Indigenous interns in TV production. The end goal of this program is to establish a long-term professional relationship between the interns and CBC/Radio-Canada.

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Diversity and Inclusion Fund

This $200,000 fund helps managers reach their hiring targets of recruiting and growing diverse candidates by allocating funding for paid internships and development opportunities.

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TV Drama Working Group on Diversity

This working group was created in September 2014 as an initiative of the Diversity Directorate. It brings together Quebec’s entire television production ecosystem to foster greater cultural diversity in scripted programming. The group’s most recent project involved the design of a tool for measuring diversity in the industry.


We are also involved in multiple networks to help us better understand who we are, become a better public broadcaster for all Canadians and keep learning along the way!

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Our workforce representation

2018-21 Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Highlights and Lessons Learned

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