Learning and career progression

We believe that learning and developing skills and competencies is a key to success - both for employees and the organization. This is why from day one, we offer support, guidance and resources to employees to help them in their career here.

Joining our team means you’ll be encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of business skills courses and training, including language courses in both official languages. Do you have a preferred learning style? Many of our courses are offered in a number of formats, from self-directed online courses to instructor-led classroom training with peers, to better meet individual learning needs and preferences.

The technology we use and the nature of broadcasting and journalism is undergoing change like never before. So we offer a variety of craft skills training for those working in journalism, programming and those with technical roles and responsibilities.

We’re also aware that those managing and leading others are key to creating great work environments that encourage everyone to do their best work. This is why we provide additional leadership courses that are available for those with direct reports, ranging from leadership fundamentals course to an extensive six-month program for those who qualify.

And of course, safety and well-being are cornerstones of a sound and respectful working environment, so we cover those bases through mandatory training for a number of key areas on these topics.

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