Our People and Culture

Canadians come to CBC/Radio-Canada for engaging, informative and high-quality content they can't find anywhere else. It's clear that we couldn't make this happen without our people.

Our people come from every corner of Canada and beyond. They are the face of our country, in all its diversity. They are also some of the most creative and talented people in the business. Not only is that reflected in the quality of the work they produce, but in the recognition and accolades they continue to receive.

People and Culture is committed to our employees and to our Corporation's success. To this end, we bring our people together to talk about the strategic direction CBC/Radio-Canada will take moving forward. We are also providing them with better opportunities for training and development. Whether we're talking about social, informal, web-based or in-class learning opportunities, CBC/Radio-Canada maintains its commitment to furthering the knowledge and skills of our employees. Their expertise and passion are what set us apart from the competition. By investing in our people — the foundation of our success — the national public broadcaster will successfully fulfill its mandate to serve Canadians while remaining on the cutting edge of the industry.

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