Barbara Dumas

Picture of Barbara Dumas

Production Manager, Arts, Variety and Factual Programming, Télévision de Radio-Canada

I have been a production manager with Arts, Variety and Factual Programming for nearly four years. Basically, I am the intermediary between the technical directors and the content managers for in-house productions and co-productions. It's quite varied as jobs go. The Arts, Variety and Factual Programming team is involved in everything: in-house production, co-production and outside production. And the content ranges from magazine programs to live recordings, big variety shows and even galas like the Oliviers and the Gémeaux. Right now, I've got at least 10 or so programs on the go, including daily shows, weekly shows and specials.

I also have the good fortune of being surrounded by colleagues who love their work, and that's something you can really feel. It's a great team, with lots of drive and energy. I have managed to make a place for myself in the time I have been here, and I feel appreciated.

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