Our Commitment to Talent and Diversity

Our people come from every corner of Canada and beyond. They are the face of our country, in all its diversity. In its mandate, CBC/Radio-Canada makes diversity one of its priorities, which means reflecting Canada and its regions, as well as the country’s multicultural and multiracial nature.

Diversity encompasses a wide range of visible and invisible attributes that are integral to the theme of inclusion. Canada’s population is made up of a wealth of cultures, linguistic and ethno-cultural communities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions and people with different abilities. Each of us contributes to the collective success.

CBC/Radio-Canada is committed to reflecting the country’s diversity through its programming. All Canadians need to be able to recognize themselves on-air and know that its programs reflect the changing face of Canada on all platforms.

The Corporation is also focused on attracting a diversified talent pool, thus ensuring that diversity is incorporated into the way it recruits and develops its workforce. Through this commitment, the Corporation can leverage our society’s similarities and differences as it strives to become a more open, inclusive and progressive organization."

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videoVideo: CBC Development Workshop for Diverse Creators helps cultivate diverse talent through a series of workshops, networking events and unique learning experiences.

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