Michel Bissonnette

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  • Hubert T. Lacroix
  • Michel Bissonnette
  • Heather Conway
  • Sylvie Gadoury
  • Steve Guiton
  • Alex Johnston
  • Monique Marcotte
  • Judith Purves
Michel Bissonnette, Executive Vice-President, French Services

Michel Bissonnette

Executive Vice-President, French Services

Michel Bissonnette began his career in 1989 in advertising at the firm Publicis BCP, where he worked as head of accounts. Later, he moved over into television, joining TVA as its general director of communications (1993 – 1995) and general director of creation (1995 – 1996). He joined Videotron as vice president of marketing. In 1998, Michel returned to his advertising roots at Publicis BCP as vice president and general director, product development. A year later, he returned to television and became executive vice president, business development and commercialization at Motion International. In 2000, Michel Bissonnette and three others founded ZONE3 Inc. Michel was named vice president, creation and executive producer for nine years before becoming president in January 2009.

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