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CBC Radio One

Canada's English-language information service offering local, national and international news, documentaries and current affairs and arts programming on radio and SiriusXM Channel 169. Commercial-free and reflecting a uniquely Canadian perspective on the world.

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CBC Radio 2

Music, music, music – a mix you won't hear anywhere else! Listen to classical, jazz, pop, soul and more. It’s an English-language network, with music that speaks to all.

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CBC Radio 3

Breaking new ground, by breaking new sound. The best in Canadian independent music, as it happens. Available online, via podcast.

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Première Chaîne

From coast to coast to coast, ICI RADIO-CANADA PREMIÈRE is Canada’s commercial-free French-language talk radio network, providing a wide range of programming with a focus on news and current affairs, the arts, and social issues. Engaged in the community and open to the world, ICI Radio-Canada Première strives to be bold, inquisitive, people-oriented, and always close to its listeners. Also available on SiriusXM Channel 170.

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Espace musique

ICI MUSIQUE airs a predominantly Canadian lineup of music and cultural programming that aims to connect with listeners, to be a musical companion in tune with their daily lives. Dynamic hosts present a variety of musical genres, from classical, jazz and vocal, to world and new music.

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Satellite Radio Channels:

We currently partner with SiriusXM Satellite Radio to offer six channels of CBC/Radio-Canada content. These include:

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