Strategic framework

A space for us all is about modernizing the public broadcaster to bring us closer to our audiences. It is a challenging and complex transition from our past to our future:

Broad to focused: narrowing the focus and making choices about the services and content that will drive intense engagement with consciously targeted audience segments;
Conventional to digital: a digital transition strategy, in line with audience behaviour and technology advances; protecting current revenue and share, while anticipating migration;
Producer to multiplatform broadcaster: shifting energy and resources from production, to being a modern broadcaster;
Fixed to flexible: letting go of the infrastructure, systems and processes that are less necessary in today’s world, and embracing flexibility, scalability, agility, simplicity, and partnership; and,
Cost-cutting to financial sustainability: moving away from the mindset of “cost-cutting to survive,” and setting a course for long-term financial viability that allows investments in a strong CBC/Radio-Canada for future generations.

The challenge is to be relevant; to engage Canadians intensely on a one-to-one basis, while modernizing ways of working and ensuring long-term financial sustainability.


CBC/Radio-Canada expresses Canadian culture and enriches the life of all Canadians through a wide range of content that informs, enlightens and entertains.


In 2020, CBC/Radio-Canada will be the public space at the heart of our conversations and experiences as Canadians.


  • Through distinctive content, increase and deepen engagement with individual Canadians; inspire them to participate in the public space;
  • Change the infrastructure to allow increased simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and collaboration;
  • Build a culture of collaboration, accountability, boldness, action and agility, with a workforce that reflects the country; and
  • Achieve sustainable financial health, including the ability to invest in the future.

Aspirational Goals for 2020

  • By 2020 , we will have doubled our digital reach. 18 million Canadians, one out of two, will use CBC/Radio-Canada’s digital services each month.
  • By 2020 , three out of four Canadians will answer that they have a strong attachment to their public broadcaster.

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