Programming approach

Contemporary and distinctively Canadian. Smart. Unique. Distinctive from the privates. Creatively ambitious. And risky. This is our shared view of how our programming at CBC/Radio-Canada needs to be.

CBC’s focus during the initial phase of the strategy will be on investing in high-impact Canadian content.

By 2020, CBC Television will include:

  • At least three dramas meeting the high critical and creative standard of premium cable;

  • Scripted comedies that are cutting edge, with character-led focus rather than traditional "sitcom" formats;

  • More comedic satire and/or sketch comedy;

  • "The best of the world" brought to Canadian audiences by CBC;

  • Documentaries, including bold, thought-provoking, point-of-view programs reflecting the most relevant issues to Canadians;

  • Factual, focusing on revealing and reflecting Canadians to each other, sparking conversation about experiences and contemporary issues; and,

  • News and current affairs programming that continues to drive to more investigative and in-depth – creating the public affairs agenda and continuing to be the news service of record for the country.

CBC Radio will continue to focus on information talk on CBC Radio One, and music that serves a variety of tastes on CBC Radio 2.

Radio-Canada has built a vigorous and very successful TV/Digital offering over the past two decades. The conditions we’ll require to achieve or surpass that same level of success include attracting the right talent and partners to deliver a first-in-class offering.

Future priorities include:

  • Renewing our television prime-time offering: almost 40% of the prime-time schedule is currently comprised of programs that are five-years old or more. In keeping with the quality and balance that have been Radio-Canada’s trademark, we’ll direct our prime-time strategic investments towards drama series, ideally with one high-end, high-profile series, as well as one that creates a daily appointment with audiences; distinctive cultural events showcasing the best of all talent; high-impact current affairs programming spread across the weekly schedule; and spring and summer programming that contributes to building audience brand loyalty throughout the year;

  • feeding and enhancing the multi-genre, multiplatform offering like ICI;

  • acquiring content in an increasingly competitive market that is comprised of a vast array of buyers, some with significant means, others more niche-focused, but all seeking attractive, distinctive content;

  • developing a news offering that is not only digital and mobile-first, but succeeds at achieving the in-depth quality of more traditional formats;

  • continuing to support and evolve talk radio that is rooted in the community and creates a sense of “being at home;” and,

  • driving the music strategy through ICI Musique.

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