Evolution of services

Times change. So too do the needs of Canadians change, along with the most effective methods to meet those needs.

While our primary focus has almost always been conventional television and radio, by 2020, we plan to transition our traditional services in a way that maximizes engagement and modernizes our offerings.

That means a shift to digital, particularly mobile.

While we will continue to support our conventional services and the audiences and revenues that they currently attract, we will also be stepping into the future in anticipation of where audiences and revenues will migrate.

We will increase investments in entertainment content across both French Services and English Services. Prime-time entertainment titles are the biggest drivers of audience and revenue on conventional television, and the most powerful vectors of culture, fostering Canadian storytelling and sharing experiences across the country in a way that creates shared national consciousness and identity.

Content for mobile consumption will also be a priority across the board. News services, a core service and a staple of the public broadcaster’s brand, will also increasingly tailor their breaking news approach to the needs and preferences of mobile users.

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