Local offer

Local service is at the heart of our role. News, in particular, is prized by Canadians. Through A space for us all, we are committing to being even more local than today, but at less cost.

At the heart of the plan is flipping content priorities from a traditional approach to mobile-first. While we will continue to provide a comprehensive, multiplatform, news and information offer that includes radio and television, we intend to put more focus on digital, mobile and social media, as a means of connecting Canadians with their public broadcaster and with each other.

To ensure a more consistent community expectation of CBC/Radio-Canada, our strategy provides a core, baseline level of service consistent with existing conditions of licence in all the communities we currently serve. The baseline early evening television offer will be reduced, supplemented by enhancements in certain markets and by more frequent updates and newsbreaks to create a “mobile-like” experience. Additionally, some markets will receive enhanced services tailored to their needs.

We will not be “one size fits all,” but rather “what size fits best.”

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