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At CBC/Radio-Canada, we are proud to showcase excellence in Canadian sport, music, literature and culture. And for decades, we’ve made it a point of being there long before Canadian athletes and artists hit the big time, serving as a point of discovery for Canadians with the words, sights, and sounds of our nation’s rising stars on TV, the radio and the web.

"Our role is not to just find the great talent already in existence and use it to promote our own interest. We believe that public money should be used for discovering and developing new talent and sharing it with the world."
- Jeff Reilly, Senior Producer, Regional Performance, Maritimes, English Radio Music
“Radio-Canada partners with over 400 organizations that put on cultural events vital to regional communities across the country.”
- Louis Lalande, Executive Vice-President, French Services
“We're always on the leading edge of what's new – the next big artist, athlete or event sure to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
- Marie-Philippe Bouchard, Executive Director, Music and Digital Services, Radio-Canada
“We will never meet a champion for the first time on the podium.”
- Scott Russell, CBC Sports

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