Production and distribution the focus of CBC/Radio-Canada’s CRTC presentation

January 13, 2009, Ottawa

CBC/Radio-Canada is asking the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to review the regulations applying to direct-to-home satellite broadcast distribution undertakings to ensure that official-language minority communities have access to the public broadcaster’s full program offering.

The CRTC kicked off hearings today that will examine broadcasting services in English and French linguistic minority communities across Canada. This past November, CBC/Radio-Canada filed a brief with the CRTC containing eight concrete recommendations.
The recommendations take into account the concerns of official-language minority communities, proposing enhanced distribution of CBC/Radio-Canada programming to the areas in which they reside.

The Corporation took advantage of the hearings to reiterate its commitment to producing regional content that reflects the realities of all communities.

Sylvain Lafrance, CBC/Radio-Canada’s Executive Vice-President, French Services, feels that production of regional content goes hand in hand with service accessibility:

“In an environment where over 90% of Canadian homes now receive their television services via cable or satellite, any policy aimed at increasing regional production must be consistent with a regulatory regime which guarantees that citizens have access to their respective regional services as well as to national services that reflect their own realities and those of all Canadians.”

Mr. Lafrance also asked the Commission to take a comprehensive view of CBC/Radio-Canada’s regional service offerings in examining regulatory solutions to linguistic minority issues.For additional information, please contact:

For additional information, please contact:

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