Incorrect information about a funding increase for CBC/Radio-Canada appears in La Presse

March 5, 2010

On Thursday, March 4, Joël-Denis Bellavance of La Presse reported in an online article (French only) that CBC/Radio-Canada would be seeing a $38.3 million funding increase in the 2010-2011 Federal Budget tabled later that day to compensate for a drop in revenues caused by the econmomic downturn. This information was incorrect.

The Facts

The source of Joël-Denis Bellavance’s confusion was the Government’s Main Estimates, tabled on Wednesday, March 5.

The $38.3 million increase identified in the Main Estimates is in fact related to a statutory salary increase that dates back 3 years, minus a reduction related to a 2007 government expenditure review related to procurement. It is not related to a drop in revenues caused by the economic downturn.

It is also important to note that the $38.3M identified in the Main Estimates is strictly applicable to salary increases, and has already been committed as such. It is not new money that can be applied to services offered by the Corporation.

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