Speaking notes for Timothy W. Casgrain, Chair, Board of Directors, at CBC/Radio-Canada’s Annual Public Meeting

November 2, 2011


Good afternoon. To all of you who have joined us here at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa today, and to the many more attending via webcast and following us on Twitter, welcome to CBC/Radio-Canada’s third annual public meeting. It is a pleasure to be here.

With us today, in person, are (names of members of SET) and Peter Charbonneau, our board member from Ottawa. Joining us by webcast are the rest of the members of our board from across the country.

The Board is responsible for governing the Corporation and holding it accountable to the people of Canada. That means reviewing and approving senior management’s strategic plan, business plans and budgets, the financial statements and the annual report.

This Annual Public Meeting is a key aspect of our commitment to accountability and transparency. It’s also an opportunity to dialogue with Canadians and exchange ideas about the national public broadcaster with you.

This is a very special year for CBC/Radio-Canada. Today, November 2, marks the Corporation’s 75th anniversary. CBC/Radio-Canada has, for 75 years, been central to the cultural and democratic life of Canadians. Our 75th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of public broadcasting in Canada, and to say thank you to Canadians for their ongoing support.

Over the past 75 days, we’ve held events and special programming to mark this milestone, including open houses across the country and our Headlines to History panel discussions featuring CBC/Radio-Canada personalities speaking on topics such as Expo 67, hockey and the role of war correspondents. I hope you were able to participate in some of the activities CBC/Radio-Canada and its partners organized.

As we celebrated our 75th, we also geared up for the future of public broadcasting in Canada. The Board offered input and guidance to CBC/Radio-Canada’s Senior Executive Team as it developed – with contributions from the Corporation, audiences and stakeholders – our new five-year strategic plan, 2015: Everyone, Everyway. CBC/Radio-Canada’s president, Hubert T. Lacroix, will tell you more about it shortly.

I want to thank my board colleagues and CBC/Radio-Canada employees for making the plan a reality and for their enduring commitment to public broadcasting. Thank you also to you, the public, for showing support for CBC/Radio-Canada and public broadcasting for 75 years.

And now it is my great pleasure to introduce CBC/Radio-Canada’s President and CEO, Hubert T. Lacroix.

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