Contributing to the Government’s deficit reduction – setting the record straight

December 2, 2011

CTV’s Robert Fife tweeted this morning that CBC/Radio-Canada has “signed off on 10 % budget cut of $104 million”.

It’s no secret that CBC/Radio-Canada, like 66 other organizations, is subject to the Government’s Deficit Reduction Action Plan (DRAP). As such, the Corporation has submitted two options to government: one to achieve 5% reductions and the other to achieve 10%, each of them guided by our mandate and Strategy 2015; Everyone, Every Way.

The Government has made it clear that all organizations subject to the DRAP will find out about the outcome of its deliberations when the budget is tabled in the spring. Parliament sets our annual budget. We don’t sign off on it. Like everyone else, we'll see what happens in the spring.

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