Marketing our people, programs and schedules – setting the record straight

December 20, 2011

Once again, Quebecor offers its audiences misleading information about a CBC program launch last fall during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

The "Hazelton Takeover" event was a marketing and promotional initiative created specifically to offer a high-visibility launch of the new season of the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show. Its objective was to create awareness, through media coverage and word of mouth, of the program as the country's foremost late night information and talk show and a destination for cultural and industry leaders throughout the country and internationally. The event promoted and celebrated CBC's Canadian talent and star system and publicized CBC's fall programming schedule. It also provided the opportunity to establish relationships and consider potential interviews with attendees for the upcoming season.

It was among several of CBC's usual season-launch marketing activities, common among leading broadcasters. Expenses fell within normal budgets and were partially offset by private sponsorships, as often occurs within the industry.

The Hazelton event had a hard cost of approximately $64,000-- the equivalent of a single Sun newspaper ad in five cities--as recently noted by CBC/Radio-Canada president Hubert T. Lacroix in his remarks to the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Ethics and Privacy. More information is available here.

Contrary to Quebecor's assertion, the event generated a significant volume of positive news coverage with an advertising value well in excess of costs, representing an effective and efficient use of CBC marketing resources.

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