CBC/Radio-Canada’s 75th Anniversary celebrations

December 29, 2011

Recent news stories about the costs associated with CBC/Radio-Canada’s 75th Anniversary celebrations are misleading insofar as they include expenditures that occurred within normal programming budgets and leave the inaccurate perception that CBC/Radio-Canada is underreporting expenditures associated with its anniversary activities.

The corporation allocated a budget of $1.5 million to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. That budget covered more than 30 "open door"and other public events across the country, conferences, promotional activities, web content, and was shared among French Services, English Services and Corporate operations.

The 75th anniversary was also an opportunity to present and showcase some of the public broadcaster’s unique signature programming events, designed to deliver significant cultural impact, important in the context of the corporation’s strategic plan, 2015: Everyone, Every way. All of these programs, however, were funded through the media lines’ normal program budgets.

Signature event broadcasts like 1 Day/1 Jour, Culture Days, Raised on Radio, 75 ans toujours jeune,this year’s biographical drama about the life of Sir John A. Macdonald, and our multi-media presentation of performances by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and Cirque Eloize, and Radio-Canada’s season launch broadcast have unfortunately been mischaracterized as a "birthday cost"and "jubilee-related programming."

In fact, while these and other examples illustrate the kind of quality Canadian programs that we have proudly celebrated and promoted as part of our 75-year heritage as the national public broadcaster, they do not represent "additional costs."

In other respects, contrary to what certain articles indicate, Bernard Derome's lecture series toured across Canada, not only within Quebec, on a budget of $40,000.

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