EXPLORA: a new Radio-Canada speciality channel for viewers to discover starting March 28

March 5, 2012

Radio-Canada is pleased to announce that as of Wednesday, March 28, Videotron’s illico digital TV subscribers will have access to the new EXPLORA channel. With its captivating lineup and spectacular visuals, EXPLORA will deliver a larger-than-life viewing experience as it delves into the fascinating worlds of health, science, nature and the environment. The channel is aimed at inquiring minds who like to discover new things, catering especially to young people’s passion for adventure. Viewers interested in these topics will finally have a product tailored to their needs – as will advertisers, who will be able to reach a coveted target audience. EXPLORA will be a quality channel featuring a substantial amount of exclusive, high-definition content. The new specialty service will prove that there’s a whole world out there to explore!


The agreements with Videotron are part of a comprehensive deal negotiated with certain Quebecor Media divisions to distribute Radio-Canada services. They cover the renewal of distribution contracts for ARTV and RDI, as well as carriage of the new EXPLORA channel on the Videotron network.

Other highlights include a licence to distribute main-network programs in VOD format on the illico platform, a commercial partnership with Select for the distribution of CBC/Radio-Canada merchandise, and an advertising exchange between Radio-Canada and selected Quebecor Media subsidiaries.

“These agreements consolidate the distribution of our specialty services and allow us to make the new EXPLORA channel available to a large part of the French-speaking population,” said Louis Lalande, Executive Vice-President of Radio-Canada. “They’ll also provide access to additional revenue streams to support the production of original Canadian content across all of our platforms.”

Robert Trempe, Senior Executive Director of Revenue for French Services, pointed out two key benefits for Radio-Canada and its partners. “Distributing Télévision de Radio-Canada programs on demand will give us and our advertisers access to new audiences, while the partnership with Select will open up promising new markets for our DVDs and other program merchandise.”

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