Value has a price

October 18, 2012, Toronto

As posted in the October 18, 2012 Globe And Mail.

CBC is a public broadcaster and the music content we offer on radio and online is not there to make a profit; it’s designed to provide Canadians with a service they use, value and can’t get elsewhere (CBC Music Losing Millions As Content Costs Surpass Revenue – Oct. 16).

The bulk of the costs associated with are in creating the content. When we launched the service, much of the funding came from redirecting existing resources. We’ve changed the way we work. Our staff creates digital content alongside broadcast content, teams producing radio shows program web radio stations, producers are writing blog posts and we’ve started shooting video at the live events we record. We’re spending the same amount of money we always have creating music content, but as technology changes the way people consume content, we’re delivering it to them in new ways.

Since launching last February, we’ve streamed over 17 million hours of music, had nearly eight million visits to the website alone and served over 20 million pages of content. That’s real value for Canadians.

Chris Boyce, executive director, Radio and Audio CBC English Services

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    Head of Public Affairs, CBC English Services
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