Harassment and disciplinary cases at CBC/Radio-Canada: the facts

January 31, 2013, Ottawa

Articles appeared in several Quebecor newspapers this morning suggesting that CBC/Radio-Canada handles a large volume of cases of harassment and inappropriate behaviour. The report stems from an access-to-information request for documents relating to the Corporation’s anti-discrimination and harassment policy, as well as its policy on discipline. That means the request targeting our Ottawa and Toronto teams (3,500 people) covered two of our internal policies.

The articles give the impression that the Corporation released 1,454 case files in response to the request. This is false. We released 1,454 pages, mostly emails between human resources staff.

In fact, there are currently fewer than 10 active cases* under the Corporation’s anti-discrimination, harassment and discipline policies.

We consider all forms of discrimination, including discriminatory and sexual harassment, to be unacceptable and do not tolerate its occurrence. We make every effort to ensure that no employee is subjected to it. All employees are entitled to dignity and respect. These values are clearly stated in our policies.

We are disappointed that Quebecor reporters failed to contact us so that we could provide our version of the facts and interpret the pages sent in response to their request.

For more information on CBC/Radio-Canada policies, please refer to the following links:

* UPDATE (February 1, 2013): Currently at CBC/Radio-Canada, across the entire Corporation, all services and all locations included, we have the following number of active cases: 0 cases of harassments; 1 case of violence in the workplace (which includes bullying); 1 case related to respect in the workplace (covered under our collective bargaining agreements); 6 cases related to disciplinary issues (which can range anywhere from unauthorized absence, to breach of journalistic policy, to unauthorized use of trademark).
For additional information, please contact:
  • Angus McKinnon
    Director, Communications Services and Corporate Spokesperson
    tel. 613-288-6235
    cel. 613-296-1057

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