Radio-Canada among the top four most admired Canadian companies in Quebec

March 20, 2013, Ottawa

Radio-Canada did well in the most recent Les Affaires/Léger Marketing survey to determine the top 250 most admired companies in Quebec, whose results appeared in the March 9 issue of Les Affaires.

Here’s the survey question: For each of the following companies, please indicate if you have a good or bad opinion of it, don’t know enough about it to form an opinion, or don’t know it at all.

Following are a few survey highlights:

  • Radio-Canada is one of the top 10 most admired companies in Quebec – this year, it ranks 10th. In 2012, it ranked 28th.
  • Four Canadian companies made the top 10: Cirque du Soleil (4th), Rona (5th), Jean-Coutu (6th) and Radio-Canada (10th).
  • Since 2009, Radio-Canada has consistently outranked other media organizations making the list: Radio-Canada (10th), Télé-Québec (70th), TVA (77th), Le Devoir (95th), and V (142nd).
  • At number 10, Radio-Canada also comes out far ahead of the other media groups: Videotron (60th), Astral (117th), Quebecor (144th), TC Transcontinental (176th), Cogeco (181st), and Bell (249th).

Note that this isn’t the same survey as in English Canada, where CBC also ranked 10th among the most influential brands in Canada. Click here for more on that survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid.

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