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May 7, 2013, Montreal

Marie-Philippe Bouchard, Acting Executive Director of Espace musique and, today announced that all new-music content and activities will now be incorporated into the site. This change means that, effective June 24, the site will be discontinued, as will the shows produced by its team on the Première Chaîne and Espace musique radio networks.

“We are very grateful to the Bande à part team for everything they’ve accomplished over the past few years. This effort is what enabled the digital shift we’re announcing today – taking new music out of a specialized and necessarily limited platform so that it can reach a wider audience on,” said Marie-Philippe Bouchard. “Designed to be inclusive of all genres and styles, and the Espace musique radio network are the focal point of musical life on Radio-Canada. Maintaining a parallel vehicle no longer makes sense in the challenging economic context Radio-Canada faces today.”

From now on, Radio-Canada will continue to promote new music and its artist community by incorporating the Bande à part sound and spirit into its overall music offering on the web and radio. In practical terms, this means that many productions by emerging artists that used to be showcased on the Bande à part site and programs will still get exposure, but on and in the general Espace musique lineup, particularly during the day. This will help them reach a much more substantial audience.

In addition, will feature videos and web radio streams for fans of this particular music scene. Première Chaîne shows that fit naturally with the Bande à part focus will continue to embrace the new-music environment. In the same vein, Radio-Canada’s web and radio services will continue to cover events such as Les Francouvertes, the Abitibi-Témiscamingue Emerging Music Festival, and the Diapason independent music festival in Laval.

Note as well that the BAP session archives will still be accessible, but located instead on

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