Extension of CBC/Radio-Canada services to XM subscribers

May 9, 2013

We are pleased to announce that starting May 9, 2013, CBC/Radio-Canada’s six channels distributed on Sirius Satellite Radio will also be available to XM Satellite Radio subscribers.

“This is an important milestone for CBC/Radio-Canada,” says Bill Atkinson, Executive Director, Corporate Business Partnerships. “As a result of this change, the reach of CBC/Radio-Canada’s channels will double to more than 26 million subscribers across Canada and the United States of America.”

Below is the new channel line-up for both Sirius and XM:

English French
CBC Radio One #169 Premiere #170
CBC Radio 3 #162 Chansons #163
CBCMusic: Sonica #171 FrancoCountry #166

The ability to distribute CBC/Radio-Canada channels on both satellite services is the result of the merger of Sirius Canada and XM Canada that took place on June 21, 2011. CBC/Radio-Canada was a founding partner of Sirius Canada and owns a 14.5% stake in SiriusXM Canada. Suzanne Morris, CBC’s Vice-President and CFO, sits on the Board of SiriusXM Canada.

The extension of our services to XM subscribers is one more way of achieve our goal of delivering our content to everyone, everyway.

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