Letter to the editor-in-chief of capacadie.com, in response to the op-ed by Benoit Duguay published on Tuesday, May 28, 2013

June 26, 2013

Sharing our dreams for 2017

We read with great interest Benoit Duguay’s op-ed about the CANADA 150/2017 STARTS NOW conference he attended last Thursday in Moncton.

CBC/Radio-Canada, VIA Rail Canada and Community Foundations of Canada kicked off the conference series this past April, with dates in a number of locations across the country. Eight of the twelve cities have hosted the series to date. The partners spared no effort to provide Canadians with an open forum for sharing their ideas, projects and stories – essentially, a place where they can take a moment to reflect on how they envision their local Sesquicentennial celebrations.

To ensure that all participants are able to fully express their feelings in the language of their choice, we’ve provided – from Vancouver to Yellowknife to Moncton – some tools that we feel are essential to securing seamless and respectful communication:

  • Conference interpreters
  • Credible, committed Francophone and Anglophone speakers
  • Bilingual website (www.2017startsnow.ca/)
  • Live webcasts
  • Bilingual hosting
  • Bilingual final report on the series
  • French- and English-speaking local partners
  • French- and English-speaking participants

To those Francophones that may have been offended by a document that was available in English only,please accept our apologies. Participants did not need to read the document Mr. Duguay mentions to follow the discussion. In fact, we’ve removed it from the documents we will make available to participants in the future.

We hope that the document in question did not prevent participants from giving free rein to their imagination, joining in the discussion, or hearing all ideas and choosing the best ones put forward by French and English speakers alike. We’re convinced that this was not the case, as Mr. Duguay himself urges his fellow citizens to join in this exercise aimed at celebrating Canada in 2017.

We thank you for sharing your dreams for 2017 with us.

William B. Chambers
Vice-President, Brand, Communications and Corporate Affairs

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