Branding: Radio-Canada corrects the record

June 7, 2013, Ottawa

Radio-Canada wishes to correct information contained in press releases issued yesterday by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the “Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada” (SCRC) following the announcement of a rebranding exercise involving Radio-Canada’s platforms.

First, Radio-Canada is not changing names. The organization is and will remain Radio-Canada. We are immensely proud of that name and its heritage.

CBC/Radio-Canada has been undergoing a process of transformation and modernization for many years. Our mediascape is rapidly evolving, driven by the proliferation of TV specialty channels and the rise of digital platforms such as the web and mobile apps. It is in this context that a consistent brand identity – a common denominator for all Radio-Canada platforms – was needed. To do this, we turned to the term “ICI”, which has been used in conjunction with Radio-Canada for over 75 years and is inextricably linked to our identity.

We are also aware of the financial challenges we face as well as the importance of living within our means. That’s why almost all the creative work associated with this rebranding exercise was done in-house by dozens of employees who contributed to the process from across the Corporation, be it in Montreal, Matane or Winnipeg. Furthermore, the advertising portion of this campaign will be done almost exclusively on Radio-Canada platforms and on our own properties.

From this perspective, we find that the $400,000 which was paid to two private firms is a reasonable figure. The expertise they provided helped our teams develop the brand architecture, related logos and on-air graphics of Radio-Canada’s ten platforms, and ensured a coherent approach to our visual identity and advertising campaign.

Finally, the modernisation of CBC/Radio-Canada is a long term project affecting every aspect of the Corporation which transcends any one campaign. We have been heartened by the pride our employees have expressed in their public broadcaster, its name and its heritage. Though this week’s launch did not have the impact we would have liked, we are confident that our approach is the right one and that our audiences will appreciate the new experience we are providing.

The following graphics show the planned evolution of our brands: Click here

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