Radio-Canada appoints three new foreign correspondents to its international news team

July 22, 2013

Radio-Canada’s Executive Director of News and Current Affairs Michel Cormier is pleased to announce the appointment of three new foreign correspondents.

Marie-Ève Bédard has been appointed multiplatform correspondent in the Middle East. She will work out of Beirut, where she will be able to cover issues such as the civil war in Syria and the Israel-Palestine conflict. The fact that Radio-Canada chose the Lebanese capital demonstrates a clear intention to further align its foreign bureaus with current issues.

Ms. Bédard, who previously provided coverage from war-torn Syria in February 2013, has been a producer-journalist for the news program Une heure sur terre since 2007. She’s produced a number of reports and features around the globe, including La nouvelle guerre d’Obama, a program about the use of drones to fight terrorism – it went on to become the first-ever Canadian finalist for the prestigious world-class French journalism award, the Albert Londres Prize. Marie-Ève has devoted most her time to international coverage since joining Radio-Canada in 1996. Among other things, she has served as producer in the Moscow and Washington bureaus.

Based in Beijing, Yvan Côté will be multiplatform correspondent for China and Southeast Asia. Although Catherine Mercier and her predecessors served both English and French language services, he will work exclusively in French for Radio-Canada’s TV, radio and web platforms, thus providing him with greater flexibility to cover stories for Le Téléjournal and other Radio-Canada programs. He will share certain facilities and services with his CBC counterpart.

Yvan Côté has a BA from Université Laval in journalism and political science, with a major in international economics, and has been a reporter with Radio-Canada since 1999. He was previously parliamentary correspondent and a current affairs reporter in Alberta from 1999 to 2004. Since then, he’s worked in various capacities on the Montreal edition of Le Téléjournal. In more recent years, he has served as a special envoy in the US, where he covered the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Aurora and Newtown shootings. Last year, he was sent to cover the biggest student protests in Montreal. Lastly, he also produced a handful of reports in Asia for Une heure sur terre.

Yanik Dumont Baron is now Washington correspondent for ICI Radio-Canada Première. He began his career in radio as a reporter for the Vancouver station in 1999. From 2003 to 2010, he served as a reporter at the Toronto station, while also filling in on various programs for nearly two years. In 2010, he worked for a few months with the investigative unit before becoming national correspondent for Ontario, the position he’s held up to today’s appointment.

All three appointments will take effect at the beginning of the 2013–14 season.

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