Speaking notes for RĂ©mi Racine, Chair, Board of Directors, at the Annual Public Meeting

October 23, 2013, Toronto


Hello everyone,

Whether you’re here in the Glenn Gould Studio at the Toronto Broadcasting Centre, or following us on the web or Twitter – welcome to CBC/Radio-Canada’s fifth annual public meeting.

It’s been a busy year for the Board of Directors. Over the past few months, we’ve said goodbye to colleagues who completed their terms and welcomed some new directors to the Board. With us here today are Vivian Bercovici and Ted Boyd. Others are watching the live webcast, including Maureen McCaw in Edmonton.

One thing is certain: the new Board members, like the ones they replaced, are strongly committed to the public broadcaster. The Board takes its responsibility for ensuring the Corporation’s good governance very seriously.

But we’re also aware that public broadcasters around the world are grappling with issues related to their relevance, funding, content and distinctive offering.

Thanks to its five-year strategic plan for 2015, the Corporation is becoming more digital, better rooted in local communities, and even more distinctively Canadian. The Board approved the plan in 2011 and has closely followed the Corporation’s progress in carrying it out.

Today, as we mark the halfway point of the plan’s implementation, it’s time to look even further ahead.

The Board is responsible for approving the work on the next strategic plan. The Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Ted Boyd, receives progress reports, comments on them, makes improvements as needed and conveys the Board’s feedback to senior management.

The purpose of these exchanges is to support the Senior Executive Team in mapping out a future direction for the public broadcaster that will be both compelling and exciting.

All the while, we must never lose sight of the fact that if the public broadcaster is to continue serving Canadians in 2020, 2030, 2050 and beyond, we must be sensitive to the importance of reflecting a diversity of voices and managing public funds efficiently and responsibly.

That’s why this annual public meeting is an important exercise for the CBC/Radio-Canada Board. It’s about transparency. It’s an opportunity for Canadians to ask questions and share their expectations for the future of public broadcasting in Canada.

I will now turn things over to Hubert, the President and CEO. Hubert?

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