Authentic Leadership - from the point of view of an honest woman

February 6, 2013, Montreal

Participate in the discussion on Friday February 8th, 2013

Named in 2004 as one of Canada’s 50 most influential women, CBC/Radio-Canada’s Maryse Bertrand will be in Montreal speaking about Authentic Leadership on Friday, February 8, 2012 in front of the Association of Quebec Women in Finance. CBC/Radio-Canada will be onsite live tweeting (#LDRSHP) and sharing highlights throughout the morning.

As one of Canada’s top female lawyers, Maryse Bertrand is an authority when it comes to leadership and offers a fresh take on what it really means to be a leader. Discussions will include what authentic leadership is, “derailers”, and the unique challenges and advantages that women encounter.

As Vice-President, Real Estate, Legal Services and General Counsel for CBC/Radio-Canada, Ms. Bertrand is responsible for the Real Estate portfolio of CBC/Radio-Canada across Canada and abroad,for the General Counsel’s offices in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, the Corporate Secretariat, and for the administration of the Access to Information and Privacy Laws. Maryse Bertrand’s vast experience has taught her that organizations gain a great deal by having authentic leaders. “It can make the difference between a company that scrapes by and one that fires on all cylinders!”

This discussion is being opened up to Canadians all over the country who are interested in learning and sharing about how authentic leadership can make a difference in their lives. To participate on Twitter, use the hashtag: #LDRSHIP. You can also visit CBC/Radio-Canada’s Facebook page for live updates or visit our blog. The conversation will kick off at 7:30 A.M. Eastern Time.

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