Montreal Maison de Radio-Canada Development Project: New Timeline

May 16, 2014, Montreal

CBC/Radio-Canada has extended the deadline for submitting proposals to design the new Maison de Radio-Canada (MRC) in Montreal (MRC) and develop the surrounding land. The two consortia still in the running – Média Cité and Partenaires du développement de la Maison – now have an additional period to submit their proposal.

During the numerous discussions held with the consortium as part of the RFP process, it became clear that given the major complexity of the project, it would be beneficial to extend the proposal preparation phase.

The consortium whose proposal is selected will join CBC/Radio-Canada to begin talks with the City of Montreal to finalize the overall plan for the MRC site and have it approved. That stage could take from 12 to 18 months, and then the plan will be tabled with Treasury Board for authorization.

The MRC project is a strategic yet complex undertaking. It involves not only building the new Maison de Radio-Canada on the actual site, but also developing the entire site, revitalizing the Tower, and creating a dynamic urban neighbourhood in which affordable social housing, businesses, office buildings and private residences will co-exist in harmony.

Considering the budget reductions announced recently, CBC/Radio-Canada will also use the extra time to revalidate the selection criteria used in the RFP process. The final timeline is still not set in stone - we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Maison de Radio-Canada was built over 40 years ago and is in need of major renovation work. This would involve substantial expenditures for the Corporation, which is not mandated to play a property investment role. Upon completion of project, the Corporation will therefore sell its land and building and become a tenant in the new facilities under a long-term lease. The project will require no funding request to government and no additional investment from taxpayers.

Contact: Hélène Forest-Allard, 514 597-6548

Further details available here

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