A space for us all : Context and Key Thrusts

July 4, 2014, Ottawa

This past June 26, CBC/Radio-Canada unveiled A space for us all, a strategy that will guide its path to 2020 and beyond. Over the years, CBC/Radio-Canada has evolved alongside Canadians to remain in step with society and the technologies that have become part of our daily lives. Through high-impact Canadian content and a renewed focus on digital/mobile tools, CBC/Radio-Canada aims to continue along this path by creating more intense one-to-one relationships with its audiences. These priority areas will be supported by a viable financial model that will ensure a strong national public broadcaster for generations to come.

Through A space for us all, CBC/Radio-Canada will:

  • Continue to invest in radio and television (particularly in prime time), while accelerating the shift to digital/mobile.
  • Deliver quality, distinct, high-impact content to Canadians.
  • Expand digital and mobile platforms to strengthen our overall offering to Canadians beyond existing TV/radio/web services.
  • Not close any stations in order to maintain our presence in all the communities we currently serve.
  • Continue serving the needs of linguistic minority communities, and connecting them to Canada and the world, through a variety of platforms, including television, radio and digital/mobile.
  • Re-align investment priorities and administrative support services to take charge of our financial health. This includes:
    • Creating a scalable organization and budget flexibility to allow investments in priority areas such as prime-time programming;
    • Reducing our fixed cost base to balance the budget for the foreseeable future;
    • Setting aside five per cent of commercial revenue to help manage financial risk;
    • Diversifying revenues and share risks through partnerships; and,
    • Creating organizational scalability by reducing our workforce by 1,000 to 1,500 employees by 2020, while supporting a dynamic, creative and high-performance work environment.

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About CBC/Radio-Canada

CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada's national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions. The Corporation is a leader in reaching Canadians on new platforms and delivers a comprehensive range of radio, television, internet, and satellite-based services. Deeply rooted in the regions, CBC/Radio-Canada is the only domestic broadcaster to offer diverse regional and cultural perspectives in English, French and eight Aboriginal languages.

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