Speaking notes for Rémi Racine, Chair, Board of Directors, at the Annual Public Meeting

November 19, 2014, Montreal


Welcome to the 2014 Annual Public Meeting, today here in person at Maison de Radio-Canada – and welcome all of you participating in the live webcast.

The vision for these public meetings is to give you an opportunity to participate in the role of your public broadcaster. So thank you for your interest.

Several Board members are here with us today. Thank you.

This past year has been, to say the least, complicated. Our work on the Board has been highly publicized, and there have even been suggestions of political interference in the management of the Corporation. I want to assure you that the deliberations of the Board of Directors are motivated entirely by the best interest of the Corporation, as defined by the Broadcasting Act, respect the Board’s role of oversight, and do not interfere with programming decisions or with the daily running of the public broadcaster.

This past year, the Board approved the Corporation’s new 5-year strategic plan, A space for us all. And it’s a plan that calls for nothing short of a transformation.

The goal: for CBC/Radio-Canada to remain relevant and present in the lives of Canadians. To be successful, the public broadcaster will strengthen its connections with Canadians, bringing content to audiences wherever, whenever and however they choose. And, while the strategy calls for a shift to digital, traditional services and mediums won’t be ignored.

That kind of change is never easy. It is clear that this effort will ask a lot from all those involved.

And to Canadians, to our audiences, we offer reassurance. In a country as large and diverse as ours, the public broadcaster has an added responsibility to get it right. That is something the Board is highly cognizant of.

Between now and 2020, the actions outlined in the strategy will make CBC/Radio-Canada more flexible, more adaptable and, crucially, financially sustainable.

By 2020, the Corporation will also have the right infrastructure, services and business model in place to thrive in the dynamic and increasingly global media landscape.

And with that, I’d like to introduce our President and CEO, Mr. Hubert T. Lacroix, who will present you with a snapshot of our situation as it stands now, and of course talk more about the transformation we are undergoing as we implement our new strategy, and create A space for us all.

Hubert, the floor is yours.


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