Consortium withdraws from Maison de Radio-Canada project

January 15, 2015, Montreal

A few days ago, the Partenaires du développement de la Maison (PDM) consortium informed us that it would be withdrawing from the RFP process for the Montreal Maison de Radio-Canada project. The decision was made voluntarily, for reasons specific to the consortium and its members.

The Corporation understands and respects this decision.

Occupying the Tower costs the public broadcaster a lot of money, since it must cover facility maintenance and operating costs for a building in need of major renovations and investments. The RFP process will continue with the one consortium that remains in the running – Média Cité. The needs identified by CBC/Radio-Canada, as well as the rules and financial parameters governing the project, remain unchanged.

To be acceptable, the final proposal expected in spring 2015 must meet all qualitative and financial criteria set out by the Corporation.

For more information about the Maison de Radio-Canada project, see Montreal MRC's Development

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