Recommendations and Responses – Rubin Report

April 16, 2015, Toronto

Below are the nine recommendations made by Janice Rubin in her report and CBC/Radio-Canada’s responses.

We accept the general conclusions of the report. We will take the necessary steps to implement as many of Ms. Rubin’s recommendations as we can, as quickly as possible and in collaboration with our staff and our unions.

We’ve had some preliminary discussions with the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) which we see as positive and constructive and we look forward to continuing that dialogue.

Some of these recommendations we can move forward with quickly; some others will require more consultation and collaboration, but we are committed to moving them forward.

  • Recommendation 1: That we review and clarify policies which set out our Behavioural Standard and, with the CMG, review related articles in the Collective Agreement.

  • Recommendation 2: Training. That CBC should provide more training on its policies, both current and others as revised. Training should be customized, relevant and practical, so that all managers have a basic fluency in concepts like harassment, discrimination and respect in the workplace and when to escalate concerns.

  • Recommendation 3: This one relates to employee surveys and “spot audits” to determine the status of our workplace environments. We currently do some of that—we agree that we can do more and better.

  • Recommendation 4: Establish a confidential workplace hotline—we believe this could be useful and could work along with or in support of another recommendation, for an employee ombudsperson.

  • Recommendation 5: Refresh our workplace investigation competencies and data collection and keeping. We think this worth pursuing in cooperation with our unions and we look forward to working with them to make it happen.

  • Recommendation 6: This recommendation concerns the establishment of a workplace ombudsperson; again, this will require a discussion with the CMG, but we believe we’re agreed in principle.

  • Recommendation 7: Examination of the Role of the Executive Producer. In particular, Ms Rubin refers to the role of the Executive Producer within the organization and the ability to act, and accountability of the Executive Producer when faced with knowledge or allegations of inappropriate behaviour. We very much agree and will pursue discussions with the CMG.

  • Recommendation 8: Respect in the Workplace competencies. This recommendation basically suggests that we ensure that our employees have the core competencies to deal with workplace behaviours, and that skill is a key part of their growth as they move through their various employment relationships with us. We agree and will determine the best way to implement it.

  • Recommendation 9: Suggests we create a task force with the CMG to address the issue of younger people, or put another way, those still in the process of securing long-term work at CBC. To evaluate and explore how we can address their vulnerabilities, their concerns; how they can be assured that they are entitled to the same respectful treatment as anyone else. We’ve been working with the union already in this area, and we are confident that we can satisfy this need more fully. As most of you know, we are working within a seniority-based system and have been dealing with layoffs for some time. Obviously, this issue is not unique to our corporation, as many workplaces are dealing with intergenerational employment challenges.

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