Le show de la rentrée presents a dazzling fall season launch on ICI Radio-Canada Première

August 18, 2015, Montreal

Accompanied by Francis Reddy, Marie-Louise Arsenault, Jean-Philippe Wauthier and Michel Désautels one after the other, Catherine Perrin hosts LE SHOW DE LA RENTRÉE, a fun-filled special to launch ICI Radio-Canada Première’s 2015–2016 season. The show will be broadcast live and taped from Radio-Canada’s Studio 12 in Montreal on Monday morning, August 24, from 9 to 11, on ICI Radio-Canada Première and on ICI.Radio-Canada.ca/premiere.

Louis Lalande, Executive Vice-President, CBC/Radio-Canada French Services, and Patricia Pleszczynska, Executive Director, Regional Services and ICI Radio-Canada Première, will be taking part, as will all of ICI Radio-Canada Première’s hosts. Two Radio-Canada Musique 2015 best new artists will be performing live: up-and-coming singer-songwriter-composer Philippe Brach, as well as Samito, who’ll warm up the studio with his modern Afro groove rhythms.

The public will have an opportunity to chat with the hosts online on ICI.Radio-Canada.ca/rentreepremiere and Facebook.



One of our most highly regarded journalists, Alain Gravel, will be sharing his vast news experience and his curiosity for all subjects – political, social, cultural and sports – with ICI Radio-Canada Première’s Greater Montreal audience, weekday mornings from 5:30 to 9 on GRAVEL LE MATIN. His seasoned team will include both familiar voices and new contributors. Every day, you’ll be able to hear Isabelle Ménard (arts), Antoine Deshaies (sports), Maxime Coutié (current affairs), Yves Desautels (traffic), Véronique Mayrand (weather), René Vézina (business) and Hugo Lavoie (city beat). Chantal Hébert, Monday to Thursday, and Joseph Facal, on Fridays, will give their views on the leading political stories. The show will also feature weekly reports from Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (social affairs) on Mondays; Yves Boisvert (current affairs) on Tuesdays; François Cardinal (municipal scene) on Wednesdays; Marie-Joëlle Parent, in New York (life stateside), on Thursdays; and Olympic medallist Sylvie Bernier (health) and Infoman Jean-René Dufort on Fridays.

Annie Desrochers will be with you on your way home at the end of the day on LE 15–18, with contributions from a talented team that includes Patrick Masbourian, Frank Desoer, Francis Labbé, Dominic Brassard, Gérald Fillion (business) and Michel C. Auger (politics). You’ll also hear from Yves Desautels (traffic), Marie-José Turcotte (sports), Mélanye Boissonnault (arts) and Ève Christian (weather).

Cohost of the TV show Des kiwis et des hommes, which ran from 2005 to 2012, Francis Reddy is known for his passion for cooking and the world of food, both local and international. This season he’ll be discussing all things food daily as the host of BIEN DANS SON ASSIETTE, which will air weekday mornings at 11 (EDT), with a rebroadcast at 7 in the evening. He’ll be joined by an experienced team of reporters and commentators, including Hélène Raymond and Claude Brunet in Quebec City, Amélie Gosselin in Acadia and Évelyne Charuest in British Columbia.

MIDI INFO, hosted by Michel C. Auger from noon to 1:30 (EDT), is the noontime news show, with daily reports on business from René Vézina and on international news from François Brousseau. The show will also feature the political affairs panel of Marie Vastel, Jean-Jacques Samson and Paul Wells, and current affairs stories provided by Yves Boisvert, Martin Patriquin, Carole Beaulieu and Réjean Parent. Until October 19, the show will follow the ups and downs and the issues of the federal election campaign across the country. As part of its election coverage, the show will be recorded elsewhere on several occasions in an effort to reach out to voters in their communities.

PLUS ON EST DE FOUS PLUS ON LIT!, and the more you tune in, the more interested you’ll be in the written word. This fascinating review of fiction and non-fiction, from here and elsewhere, hosted by Marie-Louise Arsenault, will run for 90 minutes this season, weekday afternoons from 1:30 to 3. New contributors and new regular features are being added to an already brimming line-up: open mic, song lyric analysis with Brendan Kelly and Marie Hélène Poitras, a segment in which known personalities and listeners share pages from their personal diaries, a segment devoted to the analysis of sacred texts, and a segment in which Alain Farah takes a look at some literary UFOs.

Understanding the past is the best way to understand who we are today. And to do that, there’s nothing better than to have our history, and others’ history, too, related by the most eminent specialists and the best communicators, drawing on the treasures in Radio-Canada’s archives. That’s what Jacques Beauchamp is proposing to do in the new show AUJOURD’HUI L’HISTOIRE, weekday evenings from 8 to 8:30. Serious subjects, lighter ones, young people’s views, voices of experience, women’s perspectives, men’s, from here and elsewhere. From one program to the next, from day to day and week to week, you’ll discover history in all its dimensions and from all different angles. Helping us understand who we are.

This season, Sophie-Andrée Blondin will be hosting LES ÉCLAIREURS, on Saturday afternoons at 2. She’ll be discussing a wide range of topics related to health, consumer affairs and social trends – all the behaviours, values, opportunities and issues associated with life in the early 21st century. It’s a captivating, wide-ranging exploration guided by marketing expert Jacques Nantel, Véronick Raymond, who’ll be doing a regular feature, general practitioner Dr. Karine Bériault, financial planner Sylvain B. Tremblay, pharmacist Jean-Philippe Pilon, science journalists Dominique Forget and Marianne Desautels, winner of the 2015 Fernand-Seguin bursary, consumer affairs specialist Patrick Dion, Marie-Julie Gagnon, who’ll have you dreaming about your next vacation, and physiotherapist Denis Fortier.


Presented by Joane Prince, Bruno Larose, Michel Therrien and Danielle Brie, ICI Radio-Canada Première’s RADIOJOURNAUX will continue to provide you with the most comprehensive newscasts on what’s happening nationally and internationally, with contributions from Radio-Canada reporters and correspondents at home and abroad.

The social and cultural affairs magazine MÉDIUM LARGE, hosted weekday mornings at 9 by Catherine Perrin, will be featuring a new contributor, Stéphane Leclair, alongside weekly agenda regulars Daniel Lessard and David Desjardins. The Combat des chefs is back, with Bob le chef, Caroline Dumas, Dany St-Pierre and Lorraine Pagé wielding the pots and pans again. Also back again this season will be the weekly film critique with Helen Faradji and Georges Privet, the humanists, a look at media and advertising, a discussion of which public figures deserve to be put through the wringer, and a new segment on well-known couples where the two partners come from starkly different backgrounds.

L’HEURE DU MONDE, hosted by Jean-Sébastien Bernatchez weekday evenings at 6, will review the main developments and issues in the spotlight in Canada and on the world scene.

SAMEDI ET RIEN D’AUTRE with Joël Le Bigot and DESSINE-MOI UN DIMANCHE with Franco Nuovo will again be airing to keep you entertained on the weekend.

Also returning will be the comedy review À LA SEMAINE PROCHAINE featuring Philippe Laguë, along with Pierre Verville, Michelle Deslauriers and Dominic Paquet, on Saturday mornings at 11, starting September 12, with a rebroadcast on Sunday afternoons at 4. The program, which will be celebrating its 200th show in October, is recorded in front of a live audience on Thursday evenings at 6. If you’d like to attend, you can find the information you need at ICI.Radio-Canada.ca/alasemaineprochaine. Michel Lacombe hosts the political affairs magazine FAUT PAS CROIRE TOUT CE QU’ON DIT at noon, Matthieu Dugal focuses on new media and new technologies on LA SPHÈRE on Saturday afternoons at 1 and the engaging quiz show POUVEZ-VOUS RÉPÉTER LA QUESTION? with Pierre Brassard and star contestants airs Saturday afternoons at 4.

Still broadcast live from the Helm microbrewery in Montreal, LA SOIRÉE EST (ENCORE) JEUNE is a not-to-be-missed cocktail-hour show airing from 5 to 7 on Saturdays and Sundays with the focus firmly on humour, entertainment and irony, and featuring Jean-Philippe Wauthier and his sidekicks Jean-Sébastien Girard, Olivier Niquet and Fred Savard. Broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Première at 5:00 p.m., the show will also be airing on ICI ARTV starting on September 20, throughout the fall, in a 45-minute edited version.

Serge Bouchard and Jean-Philippe Pleau will be offering an original, insightful take on a variety of topics on C’EST FOU… Saturday evenings at 7, while Elizabeth Gagnon will be playing soothing nighttime music on L’ASCENSEUR POUR LES ÉTOILES Saturdays and Sundays at midnight.

On DÉSAUTELS LE DIMANCHE, Sunday mornings at 10, Michel Désautels will be reviewing current affairs, with live interviews and feature reports prepared by an outstanding team of journalists, including Akli Aït Abdallah, Dany Braün, Michel Labrecque, Ginette Lamarche and Léo Kalinda. As part of our election campaign coverage, he’ll be interviewing the leaders of the five main political parties. Yanick Villedieu hosts radio’s flagship science program, LES ANNÉES LUMIÈRE, Sundays at noon. The show’s team will be putting its vast experience to work covering the Paris Summit on climate change in December. Then there’s René Homier-Roy and his magazine CULTURE CLUB at 2 p.m. LA LIBRAIRIE FRANCOPHONE, hosted at 7 p.m. by Emmanuel Kherad, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and once again you’ll be able to listen in to the conversations on TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE live at 8 p.m., starting September 27.


The site ICI.Radio-Canada.ca/premiere offers an editorial selection of radio highlights. If you’re a mobile or tablet user, you’ll now have access to an adaptive website (content tailored to your device) and an app that lets you listen live to ICI Radio-Canada Première. On each show’s site, you can listen to full shows or excerpts like feature segments, interviews and reports that may have piqued your curiosity. A number of shows, like Médium large or Les années lumière, are also available as podcasts.

Note that you can always download the excellent e-books produced in conjunction with special series on ICI Radio-Canada Première: C’était Bourgault, Sur les traces de Kerouac and Charlebois, par-delà Lindbergh.

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