New Season, New Shows, New Ways to Watch – ICI Radio-Canada Télé in 2015–2016

August 19, 2015, Montreal

With really great new shows and a strategy for drawing a widely diverse audience with new ways to watch, ICI Radio-Canada Télé is launching an exciting new season.

Executive Director, Télévision de Radio-Canada, Dominique Chaloult pointed out:

“We’re proud of our programming, which includes over a dozen new variety shows and dramas that will captivate a huge audience.” She added: “This season is the first one under our multiscreen strategy, which seeks to maximize the impact of our platforms in the service of original Canadian content. Le nouveau show, which will air successively on ICI’s Extra site, ICI ARTV and ICI Radio-Canada Télé, is a good example.”

Here is an overview of the 2015–2016 season.

Most shows will be available for catch-up viewing on ICI and on ICI, where fans will discover new interactive features and specially designed web and mobile experiences. Plus, social media are a great way to stay on top of conversations and events in the community of committed ICI Radio-Canada Télé viewers.


Warmly and unpretentiously, MARINA ORSINI welcomes experts and celebrities to talk about things that concern us all: health, social issues, family, fashion, beauty, home décor, renovations, consumer affairs, cooking, leisure and more. Surrounded by an audience of some fifty people who are urged to contribute their two cents’ worth, Marina shares her curiosity and thirst for knowledge with her well-known enthusiasm. Premieres September 7, weekday mornings at 9:30, with a one-hour version rebroadcast at 11:00 p.m.

Producer : Zone3.

On ENTRÉE PRINCIPALE, now 90 minutes, weekday afternoons at 4, André Robitaille chats with his usual gang, his regular contributors and everyone who stops by the café to say hello. On the menu are the things just about everybody’s talking about: technology, health, the environment, family, consumer affairs, leisure, social issues, unusual finds and much, much more. Premieres September 7.

Creator: Pierre-Louis Laberge. Contributors: Vincent Bolduc, Isabelle Lacasse, Pascale Lévesque, Louis T, Rabii Rammal, Antoine Robitaille, Pier-Luc Funk, David Desjardins, Isabelle Ménard, Marie-Pier Elie, Jean-Sébastien Girard, Mélissa Lavergne, Dany Dubé, Marc Cassivi and Stéphane Éthier. Ideas man: Iann St-Denis. Directors: Marc Coiteux and Lucie Fiset.

SILENCE, ON JOUE! Premiering September 7, the new game show hosted by Patrice L’Ecuyer weekday afternoons at 5:30, is a daily version of the popular Hollywood Game Night. In a friendly atmosphere, two teams consisting of two celebrities and a contestant face off in a variety of clever, fun games. The stars and contestants will spend the week together on set, adding to the camaraderie – and the competitive spirit.

A coproduction of Radio-Canada and Attraction Images.

LES DIEUX DE LA DANSE, hosted by Jean-Philippe Wauthier Thursday nights at 8, features 24 odd couples (life partners, pals, unlikely pairs) ready and willing to strut their stuff in a friendly, yet exciting competition. Each week, four of them have to learn a different choreography and perform it for a worked-up audience and a panel of experienced judges with lots of personality. From rumba to paso doble, from disco to jive, they’ll be doing every style in impassioned performances that meet their exacting standards. Premieres September 10.

Producer: Attraction Images.

Starting Friday, September 11, at 7 p.m., Ricardo Larrivée will be hosting UN CHEF À L’OREILLE. Two apprentices must deliver a three-course meal as directed by well-known chefs through earphones. That means the chefs have to communicate as clearly and patiently as possible, while keeping their frustration in check at not being able to take over themselves! Only for the third course can the pros can leap into the ring in the hopes of helping their team win. Jean Soulard will be the judge.

A coproduction of Radio-Canada and Productions 350°.

STEREO POP is a true collaboration between Pierre Lapointe and Claudine Prévost, in which music is made, discussed and shared. Friday nights at 8, before a live studio audience, they’ll welcome four guest artists who will reveal themselves through music and lyrics. Unexpected combinations, and lively, original performances provide an opportunity for musicians to get out of their comfort zone as they swap personal stories and present the songs that make them tick. Premieres September 11.

Producer: Attraction Images.

LE NOUVEAU SHOW will go online October 14 on ICI’s Extra site. This series of 13 half-hour shows features Katherine Levac, Virginie Fortin, Léane Labrèche-Dor, Pier-Luc Funk, Mathieu Quesnel, Phil Roy, Mickaël Gouin and Guillaume Girard in a round of rapid-fire sketches taped in front of a live audience. We’ll discover the “real” people behind the characters they play as we follow them offstage into the make-up room, dressing rooms, hallways and studio, and see them being themselves – or pretty close. The show will air on ICI ARTV this winter and on ICI Radio-Canada Télé in spring 2016.

Producer: Fair-Play.

LE CLAN is a drama series shot in Acadia and Quebec. The first 6 of 12 episodes will air Saturday nights at 9, October 31 to December 5, with the others to follow in spring 2016. It’s the story of Yannick Moreau, a reformed criminal who has betrayed his family in New Brunswick and is living under a new identity in Quebec. The woman he loves, with whom he has two small children, knows nothing of his past. Having been approached to run for mayor, he has everything to lose if he’s found out. The story begins as his former partners in crime, his father and three brothers, are about to be released from prison. Written by Joanne Arseneau and directed by Jim Donovan.

A coproduction of Phare-Est Média, Productions Casablanca and Avenue Productions.

Fans of SÉRIE NOIRE will be looking forward to Season 2. All episodes will premiere at once on ICI’s Extra site this fall, then air in winter 2016 on ICI Radio-Canada Télé. While Patrick (Vincent-Guillaume Otis) struggles to get over Charlène’s (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) betrayal and Denis (François Létourneau) tries to forget Judith (Édith Cochrane), our two screenwriters face new dangers, just when they thought they were out of the woods. Will they manage to shed light on the strange conspiracy threatening their lives?

Created and written by François Létourneau and Jean-François Rivard. Director: Jean-François Rivard. Producer: Productions Casablanca.


Two new shows will be attracting a lot of attention this fall.

CODE MAX, Saturday mornings at 9, starting September 12, plunges both the contestants and the audience into a virtual world where two teams of kids get a physical and mental workout on a giant colourful, interactive, immersive gameboard. On each show, the contestants become agents on a mission to save the world! Well-known magician Daniel Coutu hosts the show with his virtual sidekick Max, modelled on actor Lucien Bergeron. Using the CODE MAX mobile app, kids at home will be able to play along as they watch the show and see how they fare against the studio contestants.

Original idea by Charles Lafortune, produced by Pixcom.

SALMIGONDIS, weekday mornings at 7:30, relates the incredible adventures of abandoned, forgotten or rejected toys who, one stormy evening, by strange and inexplicable means, CAME TO LIFE – as delightfully clownlike humans! The nine characters now live in a parallel universe where each recreates his or her own world. The series, created by Andrée Lambert, Pascal Chevarie, Maryse Joncas, Carmen Bourassa and Lucie Veillet features an impressive cast: Maxime Allard, Jeff Boudreault, Marilyn Castonguay, Danny Gilmore, Isabelle Giroux, Eve Landry, Caroline Lavigne, Pierre-Michel Le Breton and Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon. Premieres September 7.

SALMIGONDIS is produced by Telefiction.


On the new arts magazine ESPRIT CRITIQUE, Marc Cassivi and Rebecca Makonnen moderate frank discussions and conduct topical interviews, in addition to reviewing the week’s most eagerly anticipated releases. They’ll be joined by writer and actor Fabien Cloutier and celebrity guest contributors. The show will air first on ICI ARTV in prime time and repeat Sunday afternoon on ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

The OUTLANDER novels have a cult following of millions around the world. Romance, adventure, sex and fantasy set in a breathtaking landscape against a historically accurate background, not to mention the extremely attractive leads, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan: it all adds up to the hit TV series OUTLANDER, which French-speaking audiences can discover in January.

Probably the most eagerly awaited series of the year, LES PAYS D’EN HAUT features a stellar cast, including Vincent Leclerc, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Maxime Le Flaguais and Antoine Bertrand. Dealing with the huge challenges of land settlement, the role of the church and political issues, the unpredictable destinies of its characters and the famous love triangle of Séraphin, Donalda and Alexis, this reboot of the beloved classic series will resonate with both hardcore fans and the younger generation. Written by Gilles Desjardins, inspired by the works of Claude-Henri Grignon.

The series, coproduced by Encore Télévision and Sovimage, is directed by Sylvain Archambault.

A brilliant young lawyer specializing in family law, Ariane Beauchemin has made it her mission to defend the victims and rejects of broken love affairs in RUPTURES. The plots in this new drama series starring Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Isabel Richer, Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Sylvie Léonard, Steve Gendron, Normand D’Amour, Dominique Laniel, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Catherine Trudeau revolve around Ariane’s personal and professional life and the causes she champions.

The series is written by Daniel Thibault, Isabelle Pelletier and Luc Dionne, directed by Mariloup Wolfe and produced by Aetios.

VIRTUOSE will showcase 24 exceptionally talented musicians under the age of 18 as they vie for honour and, above all, our wonder and admiration. Host Gregory Charles will be joined by none other than the great tenor Marc Hervieux in the role of both witness and analyst. We’ll get the chance to appreciate the young hopefuls as they perform classical music, jazz and opera, both solo and in groups, and follow them as they attend master classes before we see them on stage. A golden opportunity to discover and fall in love with homegrown young prodigies.

Producer: Média Qube TV , Greg Music Group’s TV production unit.



Fabienne Larouche’s 30 VIES will be back Monday to Thursday evenings at 7. Denis Bouchard stars as Jean-François Mailloux, who’s been teaching at Vieux-Havre high school for 35 years and sees his upcoming retirement in 2016 as the beginning of the end. Having taught every subject over the years, he’s been put in charge of the integration program, in which graduating students have to do a one-of-a-kind final project to show what they’ve learned. Premieres September 7.

Producer: Aetios.

LES PARENT begins its 8th and final season at 7:30 p.m. With the three boys fast becoming adults, family life is not what it used to be. Everyone is doing their own thing, and the new reality is that soon some of them will be leaving for good. For Louis-Paul and Natalie, it’s an opportunity to relive the high points of the year 2000, when the boys were still little. Premieres September 7.

Senior writer: Jacques Davidts. Director: Martin Talbot. Producer: Attraction Images.

Concerns about Sandra’s health overshadow the début of the 14th season of L’AUBERGE DU CHIEN NOIR, at 8 p.m. Naturally, the Trudeau family rallies around Philippe and Sandra. Couples form and break up. Flings are frequent, and even the very sensible Ariane’s faithfulness is put to the test. Marc and Maryse are having real problems, but Mathilde and David’s relationship is stronger than ever. On the business front, everything is going swimmingly for the inn and its related establishments – to the point where Laurent, now that he’s got his credentials, comes up with an ambitious expansion plan. Premieres September 7.

Writers: Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier. Executive producer: André Raymond.

In NOUVELLE ADRESSE, at 9 p.m., Nathalie Lapointe’s family and friends are still trying to come to terms with the death, a month ago, of the woman they loved so much. Émile and Léa attempt to get on with their lives as best they can, but each day brings its fair share of surprises and challenges. Romy is having a harder time with it. Olivier is fulfilling his role as guardian, though not without a few hitches, but for him, just as for Laurent, Danielle, Magalie and the rest, life has to go on. Premieres September 7.

Writer: Richard Blaimert. Directors: Rafaël Ouellet and Richard Blaimert. Producer: Sphère Média Plus.

A third season of QUI ÊTES-VOUS? will air at 9 p.m., starting November 30. We’ll follow Guylaine Tremblay, Anne Dorval, Marc Hervieux and Kim Thúy as they search for their roots.

Producer: Zone3 and A Média.


Fans of UNITÉ 9 have had lots to wonder about since last season’s dramatic finale. Did Marie’s children die in their horrific car accident? How will she react to the terrible news? And what about Jeanne, who was assaulted by Bouba? If she survives, will she be able to get over what happened? Will Caroline, who intervened at the last minute to try to save Jeanne, be able to continue to hide her shady dealings? After the death of Élise, what impact will these traumatic events have on the other inmates? What attitude will Normand and his team take in the circumstances? To find out what happens, tune in at 8 p.m., starting September 15.

Executive producer: Luc Charbonneau.

Fans of UNITÉ 9 have had lots to wonder about since last season’s dramatic finale. Did Marie’s children die in their horrific car accident? How will she react to the terrible news? And what about Jeanne, who was assaulted by Bouba? If she survives, will she be able to get over what happened? Will Caroline, who intervened at the last minute to try to save Jeanne, be able to continue to hide her shady dealings? After the death of Élise, what impact will these traumatic events have on the other inmates? What attitude will Normand and his team take in the circumstances? To find out what happens, tune in at 8 p.m., starting September 15.

Writer: Danielle Trottier. Directors: Jean-Philippe Duval and Yan Lanouette Turgeon. Producer: Aetios.

The last episode of MÉMOIRES VIVES ended with Christian’s arrest and the announcement that another little girl had disappeared. Claire and those around her are shaken yet again by these tragic events. With Martin back in the picture and Christian’s future on the rocks, will Claire be there for her man and remain faithful to him no matter what? Clovis, who has just found out that his mother is dead, not missing, is set on continuing his quest to discover what really happened. Police investigator Leduc is on the case and he doesn’t seem to believe everyone else’s version of the facts. Will the truth finally be revealed on MÉMOIRES VIVES, at 9 p.m.? Premieres September 15.

Writer: Chantal Cadieux. Directors: Brigitte Couture and Pierre Théorêt. Producer: Sphère Média Plus.

Starting December 8 at 9 p.m., a four-part documentary will explore storyteller Fred Pellerin’s special relationship with the village and people of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton. In SAINT-ÉLIE DE LÉGENDES, Pellerin takes us on a trip into his real and imagined world, while explaining the essential heritage role that the community plays in our culture and our society. We’ll be spending time with these wonderful people throughout the village’s 150th anniversary year (1865–2015).

Director: Patricia Beaulieu. Producer: Attraction Images.


Examining every possible topic to do with cooking and food from a reporting perspective that is both refreshing and extremely thorough, L’ÉPICERIE, at 7:30 p.m., is compulsory viewing for anyone interested in healthy eating, but also good, inexpensive food produced in an environmentally friendly way. The show will stick to a summer theme until October 7, when Johane Despins and Denis Gagné team up to launch the 13th fall season.

Executive producer: Mireille Ledoux.

For their second season at the helm of LES ENFANTS DE LA TÉLÉ, at 8 p.m., André Robitaille and Édith Cochrane have delved even deeper into their guests’ pasts to come up with some classic moments for viewers. Also on the agenda, special segments on food on TV, commercials, public service announcements, women and lots of other topics. With a highly charged studio atmosphere, memorable archival footage and sharp-as-a-tack hosts, the sixth season of LES ENFANTS DE LA TÉLÉ promises to be another big hit, starting September 9.

Producer: Fair-Play.

LES PÊCHEURS is back at 9 p.m. for a third season, with Martin Petit’s cottage the scene of some wacky adventures featuring well-known comedians, including Réal Béland, Laurent Paquin, Phil Roy, François Massicotte, Dominic Paquet, Jean-Michel Anctil, Guy A. Lepage and Cathy Gauthier, as well as returning funnyman Alex Kovalev. Premieres September 9.

A comedy by Martin Petit. Director: Jean-François Asselin. Producer: Juste pour rire TV Inc.

Carl’s hectic life gets even more chaotic in LA THÉORIE DU K.O., at 9:30 p.m. Between his romance with Titannick, his father Carol’s meddling, his efforts to bring up his son and his part-time job as a wrestler, will he manage to keep his balance? A new emotionally tumultuous season. Premieres September 9.

Writer: Martin Forget. Director: Stéphane Lapointe. Producer: Cinémaginaire.


Reminder: LES DIEUX DE LA DANSE, at 8 p.m.

Starting September 10, at 7:30 p.m., the 16th season will open smack in the middle of an election campaign. INFOMAN (Jean-René Dufort) and his faithful sidekicks, MC Gilles and Chantal Lamarre, with their razor-sharp wit, are going to have a field day!

Producer: Zone3.

Having garnered a host of awards over the years, ENQUÊTE, which investigates issues of public interest in a wide variety of areas, begins its ninth season at 9 p.m., hosted by Marie-Maude Denis and Isabelle Richer. Early in the season, keep a lookout for Trois chefs, un destin, which profiles in parallel the three main candidates vying to lead the country: Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau. It’s an opportunity to get to know them better by discovering where they grew up, their youth, education, values, their first steps in politics and their careers leading up to the current campaign, from October 1 to 15.

Executive producer: Claudine Blais.


This year, at 9 p.m., the GALAS COMEDIHA! 2015 will be presenting the six gala performances of the ComediHa! Fest-Québec 2015. These high-profile events that won over audiences at the Grand Théâtre de Québec are MCed by some of the biggest names in Quebec show business: Patrice L’Ecuyer, P-A Méthot, Véronique Cloutier, Louis Morissette, Peter MacLeod, Olivier Martineau and Éric Salvail, backed by a host of comedians and stars. Each gala is divided into two one-hour episodes, so you can experience the event as if you were really there. The last episode is a collection of highlights from the six galas. Premieres September 11.

Producer: QuébéComm.


On EN DIRECT DE L’UNIVERS, at 7 p.m., France Beaudoin invites viewers, for a seventh season, to get to know people from all walks of life through their musical tastes and the songs they associate with key moments in their lives. An hour of magic, filled with surprises and original performances. Premieres September 19.

Director: Jean-François Blais. Producer: Attraction Images.

Fans of top-quality British TV series will want to tune in at 8 p.m. The second season of BROADCHURCH premieres September 12 and runs until October 17, followed by the fifth season of DOWNTON ABBEY, from October 24 to December 19. Note, also, that the 11th season of DRE GREY, LEÇONS D’ANATOMIE, will air Saturdays at 10:30 p.m.

From September 19 to 26 at 9 p.m., Sandrine Béchade’s documentary LISE WATIER, UNE VIE À ENTREPRENDRE, will be shown on 1001 VIES. Focusing on the woman behind the logo, it tells the story of one of the most successful careers in Quebec business.

Reminder: LE CLAN at 9 p.m., from October 31 to December 5, and then continued in the spring of 2016.


As it enters its 28th season, DÉCOUVERTE, at 6:30 p.m., is still the only TV magazine devoted to science and all aspects of research, and especially the only one to consider health, environmental and social issues from that perspective. Some of the topics Charles Tisseyre will be exploring, starting on September 13, are vaccination, plastic flotsam in the world’s oceans, the Montreal metro’s new Azur cars and the Paris summit on climate change.

Executive producer: Lorène Biscotti.

On September 27, Guy A. Lepage and Dany Turcotte will kick off their 12th season at the helm of TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE, at 8 p.m. Since the fall of 2004, the show has become a must-see program in Quebec. On a remarkable set, the latest social, political, cultural and sports issues are discussed in the company of newsmakers from all backgrounds. The show has produced some wonderful discoveries, a few stormy debates and some highly memorable TV moments over the years. Who knows what the new season will bring?

Producer: Manon Brisebois.
Coproducers: Avanti ciné vidéo, Le gars de la TV, Jacques K. Primeau Télé and Radio-Canada.

Well-known cartoon host Gérard D. Laflaque will be back on September 27 at 7:30 p.m. for a season 12 of ICI LAFLAQUE. Over a hundred contributors are now involved to provide ever sharper, more hilarious coverage of current affairs. In addition to Philippe Couillard, Ron Fournier, Gaétan Barrette and Richard Martineau, a whole host of other public figures will be skewered and ridiculed, including the fiery Jean-Luc Mongrain, the colourless, calculating Martin Coiteux, dreaded referee Anne-France Goldwater, the insufferable Xavier Dolan and the even more insufferable Luc Ferrandez. That’s a lot of slaps to be dishing out, but Gérard D. is willing to make any sacrifice needed to keep his fans happy. And, honestly, he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Original idea and concept: Serge Chapleau.
Producer: Productions Vox Populi 1 inc.

A reminder about two shows you won’t want to miss this fall: The 30th GÉMEAUX awards, hosted by Véronique Cloutier and Éric Salvail, on September 20, and the 37th ADISQ awards ceremony on November 8.


On the LES DIEUX DE LA DANSE site, dance lovers will be able to watch exclusive videos of Jean-Philippe Wauthier’s woeful attempts to learn to dance, while the STEREO POP site will share songwriters’ ideas, as the hosts swap personal stories.

Beginning with the fifth episode, the spirit of the new series NOUVELLE ADRESSE – LA WEBSÉRIE will take shape in a brand-new webseries focusing on the indignation of Léa and her friend Mégane.

The UNITÉ 9 site features a whole new character who becomes the hub of inmates’ mail: a letter carrier. In exclusive videos, she’ll be a way to share and exchange views about Lietteville and the characters in the series.

Besides more expert videos, the 30 VIES website will be offering an array of gifts throughout the season to fans of the series.

LES PÊCHEURS is back with a bang again this year, with the humour magazine La Pêche +, a free app for iPad and Android.

LES ENFANTS DE LA TÉLÉ will be offering exclusive behind-the-scenes access and direct chatting with guests on set through Accès 360°.

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