CBC/Radio-Canada electoral coverage: How we ensure Canadians get balanced, comprehensive coverage during election campaigns

September 16, 2015
  • At CBC/Radio-Canada, we closely monitor our election coverage as soon as the campaign begins. Each day we track how much time is devoted to particular issues as well as how much airtime each political party receives in each region of the country. If necessary, we adjust our coverage to ensure balance.

  • CBC News has also commissioned Cormex Research for an independent analysis of its television, radio and online election content. They look at issues of fairness and balance and report back to CBC News throughout the campaign.Their final report will be made available to the public after the election.

  • To ensure that the highest standards in accountability, fairness and transparency are achieved, Radio-Canada monitors its election coverage with citizen committees; groups of ordinary Canadians representing a wide range of views. These committees follow what we produce on television, radio and online and they produce qualitative reports which are then used to adjust our coverage as required in order to maintain balance and accuracy.

  • For the fourth federal election in a row, The Centre for Media Studies of Laval University is conducting an independent review of Radio-Canada’s election coverage. Its findings will be made public after the election.

  • If any Canadian has a concern about CBC/Radio-Canada’s election coverage, they can contact either of our two Ombudsmen. The CBC and Radio-Canada ombudsmen are completely independent of the Corporation and conduct their own investigation of news coverage. The results of their investigation are public and can be read here.

  • As with our journalism at CBC/Radio-Canada, our election coverage is guided by the high standards set out in our Journalistic Standards and Practices.

  • Election campaigns are a significant moment in every democracy. CBC/Radio-Canada believes an important part of its mandate is to provide information Canadians can use to help them make an informed choice. Close monitoring of our coverage and reporting on those results to the public is one more way we believe Canadians can have confidence in their public broadcaster.

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