Clarifying CBC/Radio-Canada’s real estate strategy

September 23, 2015

There have been a number of headlines circulating about CBC/Radio-Canada selling off all of its buildings. Here are the facts.

First and foremost, there is nothing new to announce today.

We currently have too much space and many of the buildings we own are old, in need of repair, cost too much to maintain and, in many cases, don’t suit our needs. As a result, we’ve been looking at our facilities on a location-by-location basis to evaluate the costs and benefits of selling our buildings to move into new, modern, leased facilities.

Since 2011, we’ve sold nine buildings in places like Halifax, Moncton, Matane and Windsor, bringing our portfolio of owned facilities down to 19. These sales have generated proceeds, but more importantly, ongoing annual savings that go right back into programming.

Strategy 2015 already committed us to reducing our real-estate footprint wherever possible. More recently, A space for us all renewed this commitment by increasing the reduction target to 50 per cent of our real estate assets by 2020. Sometimes this means selling a building that we own to move into a smaller, better-suited leased space. In locations where we are already a tenant, it might mean consolidating our space and subletting where there’s an opportunity.

Moving from out-dated owned properties into new, modern leased facilities allows us to continue to create quality content, while better managing our expenditures. These spaces provide us with the opportunity to modernize our operations, make better use of new technology and create more integrated, efficient and innovative workplaces that further our multi-platform strategy.

What you’ve been hearing and reading is a response to a strategy that was launched years ago. We will continue to monitor the real estate situation in all of our locations and make decisions that are best for the Corporation.

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