Speaking Notes for Rémi Racine, Chair of the Board of Directors, at the 2015 Annual Public Meeting

September 29, 2015, Winnipeg


Welcome to CBC/Radio-Canada’s 2015 Annual Public Meeting – and welcome to all of you participating in the live webcast. I’m pleased to be with you here today at the University of Winnipeg.

How appropriate it is to be here today as this is truly our future!

Several members of the Corporation’s Board of Directors are also here in the auditorium. I’d like to wish a special welcome to Rob Jeffery and Norman May, who are joining us for their first Annual Public Meeting, as well as Marni Larkin, who’s from Winnipeg.

For almost 80 years, Canadians have turned to CBC/Radio-Canada as a trusted companion in their daily lives. We passionately believe in the public broadcaster’s mission: to express Canadian culture and enrich the lives of citizens through a wide range of content that informs, enlightens and entertains.

Over the past few years, broadcasting and media consumption patterns have been changing at an unprecedented pace. The Board and management remain committed to working together to ensure that CBC/Radio-Canada stays relevant and as vital as ever for future generations.

Last year, we launched an ambitious plan, Strategy 2020, to help us accelerate our shift to digital. CBC/Radio-Canada is leveraging new technologies like never before to provide Canadians with the content they want, when and how they want it. We have also expanded our offering on TV, radio and the web, bringing Canadians the best programming from this country and around the world. Our use of social media and mobile platforms has also brought us closer to many of the communities we serve.

With that said, change of this magnitude is never easy and the past year has been an especially difficult one. Yet, the transformation underway is essential for CBC/Radio-Canada to continue to be the public broadcaster that Canadians can count on, not just today, but for many years to come. We have to change how we do business to adapt our resources to the needs of Canadians.

We have to change the way in which we reach Canadians and our 2020 plan is a significant step towards reaching our goals of connecting with Canadians where they are!

And with that, I’d like to introduce our President and CEO, Mr. Hubert T. Lacroix, who will present you with a snapshot of the public broadcaster’s current situation and future directions.


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