Peter Mansbridge reached more Canadians than anyone else on election night

October 21, 2015

For the duration of the election coverage (7 p.m. to 2 a.m.), CBC/CBC News Network had an audience of 1.89 million viewers, significantly higher than any other network.

CBC's digital news section draws a record number of 27,605,343 page views and 6,752,289 unique visitors

CBC attracted more viewers for its coverage of the 2015 Federal Election than any other network in Canada from 7 p.m.- 2 a.m, and during all of the key touch points of the night: When the election results were called; Stephen Harper's concession speech; and Justin Trudeau's victory speech.

On election night, CBC's innovative cross-platform coverage meant Canadians could tune in for up to the minute TV, Radio and online coverage, and customize their election experience live, throughout the night. And they came - in unprecedented numbers!

"On election night our coverage peaked with superb all-platform specials," said Heather Conway, Executive Vice President, English Services, CBC, "We were reminded again that nobody does live TV with a better mix of poise, intelligence and wit than Peter Mansbridge."

"Our television special innovated with state of the art 3D graphics, the radio special delivered thoughtful and penetrating coverage and it was deeply satisfying to see our digital space drive the election coverage in so many ways," said Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief, CBC News and Centres, "Our live results page was the best in the country, with customizable features that linked beautifully to the broadcast coverage. It gave the audience the best of everything CBC News had on offer election night and was the culmination of what we offered throughout the campaign: ​Poll Tracker, ​P​ledge to Vote and Vote Compass.​"

Highlights include:

  • 3.4 million Canadians tuned in to CBC/CBC News Network when the Liberal Majority was called, surpassing all other networks by wide margins.
  • More Canadians tuned in to CBC/CBC News Network to watch Stephen Harper's and Justin Trudeau's speeches than any other network.
  • CBC/CBC News Network audiences peaked at 3.4 million viewers when Harper's concession speech was just ending, which is substantially higher than any other network.
  • CBC News had its biggest digital day ever on Monday October 19, with a record 27,605,343 page views across platforms (including mobile web, desktop web and apps) that came from 6,752,289 unique visitors.
  • CBC's new Live Results Page,, had 7,313,572 page views up to midnight (61% of those from mobile devices) that came from 2,193,406 unique visitors.
  • Poll Tracker had 767,975 page views
  • @CBC News received 50,405 Twitter mentions
  • It was a big election day for the CBC Radio app - more than 55,000 unique users connected with CBC Radio using the app on Monday.

Source: Numeris/Infosys TV, 2+, Total Canada.

Source: Onmiture

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