Get the Facts: Employee engagement survey results

December 9, 2015

CBC/Radio-Canada recently shared with its employees the results of an employee engagement survey that was conducted between June 10 and July 3, 2015. This is a follow up on previous surveys, to help gauge the overall perception about our working environment and the direction the organization is headed. The survey is also reflective of management’s commitment to ensuring a productive, collaborative and energized working environment, and following recommendations from the Rubin Report.

The results are mixed, as we expected, given certain issues faced at the time the survey was conducted, and the extraordinary amount of change taking place across the Corporation. However, they confirm areas of strength, but also add to a compelling case for improvement in our working environment. General findings are as follows:

  • Employee commitment to quality remains a strength.
  • CBC/Radio-Canada continues to lag on recognition, development and a sense of progress on the job.
  • Pride of association remains a relative strength, despite an anticipated drop.
  • Overall satisfaction has dropped significantly.
  • CBC/Radio-Canada fares relatively well on integrity and ethics.
  • Well-being and psychological health are of concern.

These findings establish a focused baseline from which we’ll be able to work from to improve employee engagement, build on our strengths and address areas requiring attention. This will be achieved with the guidance of senior leadership and through local and workgroup planning.

As next steps, managers will be sharing and discussing the results with their respective teams, and action plans are to be established by early next year. The goal of these plans is to build on one area of strength and focus on one opportunity for improvement, with the larger intention to collectively improve our overall work environment.

We will continue to conduct employee surveys on a recurring basis to track our progress, with the next survey expected at some point in 2016.

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