Get acquainted or reacquainted with the country in a fun and original way starting January 10

December 10, 2015, Montreal

Original, sometimes zany discoveries, free-wheeling conversations, and unique news and views: it all adds up to 100 % LOCAL, one of TV’s most entertaining hours. Hosted by Nicolas Ouellet, the new program takes the form of a friendly competition between four challengers, all proudly representing their own region as they pay playful homage to the things that make their corner of the country unique. From one ocean to another, everything you always wanted to know about our country but were afraid to ask is covered without the slightest trace of pretention or objectivity!

Shot in Ottawa starting December 12 and 13, 100 % LOCAL will include 13 episodes set to air on ICI Radio-Canada Télé Sundays at 2 p.m., starting January 10. The program will also be presented on ICI ARTV on Mondays at 3 p.m.

100 % LOCAL is backed by a pumped and primed team. Young host Nicolas Ouellet has already distinguished himself on ICI Radio-Canada, TVA, Vrak and ICI ARTV. Our four challengers are actors known for their improvisational skills—fortunately for us, because they’re going to need every trick up their sleeves to promote their home regions. They are Laura Lussier (West), Vincent Poirier (Ontario), Tammy Verge (Quebec) and Christian Essiambre (Atlantic).

Each episode is developed around a central theme and broken down into 12 segments, giving our protagonists a chance to match their wits and claim bragging rights for their regions.

  • Le top du top (Best of the best): Each contributor presents his or her favourite spot, chosen in relation to the theme of the week.
  • Tu tombes en panne à… (Breakdown in …): What do you do if you have engine trouble in an unfamiliar place? It’s an original way to start exploring!
  • Les ambassadeurs (The ambassadors): Each contributor chooses a chatty representative to answer Nicolas’s questions.
  • Guerre de clochers (Turf war): Our golden-tongued protagonists put their eloquence to the test to beat their opponents on their assigned topic.
  • La boîte à surprise (Surprise, surprise!): Each challenger presents an object typical of his or her region. But watch out: there might be more to one object than meets the eye!
  • La transcanadienne (Trans-Canada): Our contributors describe a person or event that left its mark on the whole country.
  • Le choc des généralités (A closer look): Our contributors take on common assumptions and beliefs about their regions.
  • Épate-moi (Wow me!): Each participant is given one minute and carte blanche to impress Nicolas.
  • Ça pas d’allure (Balderdash!): Two challengers tell a story about their region. One is true, the other false, and it’s up to the host and two other players to find out which is which.
  • C’est qui les meilleurs? (Who’s number one?): The country’s four major regions are pitted against one another on different fronts: whose residents are the most attractive, who are the most creative, and so on. Some hotly contested debates are in store for viewers!
  • Sauf que… (Except for …): Our challengers talk frankly about something they find aggravating in their otherwise heavenly neck of the woods.
  • On s’fait la malle (Time capsule): To wrap up each episode, just before saying goodbye, each protagonist chooses one item to drop off in our trunk. Left for future generations to discover, the collection of objects will sum up each episode in material form.

The trunk’s contents will be posted on By clicking on the objects in an interactive table, visitors will be able to get more information, links, etc.

Join us to have some fun and get to know your country in a whole new way. 100 % LOCAL starts Sunday, January 10 at 2 p.m. on ICI Radio-Canada Télé and Monday, January 11 at 3 p.m. on ICI ARTV.

Host: Nicolas Ouellet
Contributors: Laura Lussier, Vincent Poirier, Tammy Verge and Christian Essiambre
Researchers: Julie Doucet, Christophe Le Gentil and Karine Lessard
Concept and producer: Sacha Laliberté
Content producer: Rachel Dugas
Executive producer: Martine Bolduc

For additional information, please contact:
  • Julie Racine
    Promotions Manager, Television
    tel. 514-597-4140

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