Première PLUS - A different kind of radio

February 25, 2016

It’s a worldwide trend: consumers increasingly prefer specific types of media content on the web. On-demand TV is already well established, and now Radio-Canada is innovating by offering the first totally free digital on-demand French-speaking radio service: Première PLUS.

The executive director of Regional Services and Radio at Radio-Canada, Patricia Pleszczynska, notes: “Première PLUS is the first fully digital immersive radio service. Listeners will be able to discover the extraordinary wealth of audio content, some of the best that ICI Radio-Canada Première has ever produced, now available on demand by personalizing their choices. They’ll also find a world of original, unique audio content, available anywhere, anytime. This is a wonderful ecosystem in which radio creators can imagine new forms of content, share ideas and tell stories. It’s a first and we’re very proud of it.”

This new service, now accessible at, offers an unbelievably diverse range of audio content, from feature reports, documentary series and original shows, to audiobooks, archival material, speeches, talks, and interviews. Listeners can also choose from playlists organized around 11 different themes: arts, business, environment, family, history, politics, ideas, health, science, social issues, and sports. All the content has been chosen and classified by ICI Radio-Canada Première creators commissioned to develop and supply the interface, for which they have editorial responsibility.

Each month, relevant new content from ICI Radio-Canada Première shows, as well as original content made for Première PLUS, will continue to be added to this already considerable offering.

Starting today, you can listen to PARCE QU’ON EST EN 2016. Over the course of this series, Pénélope McQuade will be hosting women guests to discuss, debate and give opinions on the social issues that concern and are of interest to them. Ten shows, ten topics, ten keywords – insults, hysteria, superheroines, mirror, thick-skinned, ambition, libido, connection, allies, sextivism – to prompt questions, get worked up about, discuss, think about.

The second kind of original content now available is LA ROUTE DES 20 – SUR LES TRACES D’UNE GÉNÉRATION. What are the dreams, values and lifestyles of 20-somethings in 2016? Host Patrick Masbourian takes a look at a generation that has grown up plugged in to new technologies. Love, sex, money, school, family, spirituality or political engagement – the youths who express their views during this series of sound postcards reveal what they are like today.

Two other new shows will be coming soon: EN PREMIÈRE PARTIE explores the next generation of comedians. In a series of 15-minute episodes, Isabelle Ménard meets with rising young talents and the established stars who ask them to open for them. Special access to what goes on behind the scenes and a way to learn a little more about the camaraderie and solidarity that unite Quebec comedians.

Then, a wild, yet intimate talk show in which the host of a thousand voices, Pierre Brassard, gets a real chance to shine. With sketches, interviews and some sharp-tongued contributors, along with a little bit of gossip, the host tells us about his day-to-day trials and tribulations, as well as what’s been arousing his curiosity, and has some fun with current affairs. As even he never knows what his neurons are going to come up with, anything is possible!

Lastly, note that Première PLUS is designed to let you personalize it to suit your needs and interests, meaning that you can create your own playlist by adding or removing content and even organizing it according to the time you have available for listening. Everything is saved in a section called MY RADIO. Furthermore, some content can be downloaded for later listening and shared on social media.

Première PLUS is a different kind of radio, designed to meet the expectations and lifestyles of today’s listeners.

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