Test your knowledge with the very first ICI EXPLORA app

March 23, 2016

ICI EXPLORA is proud to announce the launch of its brand new QUIZ EXPLORA app, a first for the specialty channel! Available free in the AppStore and intended for both adults and children, the app provides entertaining and informative quizzes to test your knowledge.

Designed and developed by ICI EXPLORA’s digital services department, QUIZ EXPLORA is aimed at naturally curious people of all ages who want to sharpen their wits by answering brain-teasers in five categories: Science, Technology, Environment, Human Body and Animals. There are over 500 questions so far, with new ones being added regularly. Extra fun facts are given with each answer, so that you can learn even more.

The QUIZ EXPLORA app is intuitive and easy to use: Choose one of the five categories and answer the 10 multiple-choice questions in the category. An integrated statistical tool let you track how you are doing from one quiz to the next.

You can download the free QUIZ EXPLORA app for iPad or iPhone 5 (and later models) now from the AppStore. An Android version is in development and will be available this fall.


Design: Marie-Loïc Sénamaud
Development and programming: Jonathan Grenier
Research and writing: Judith Jacques and Alex Beausoleil
Production: Pierre-Anaïs Parent St-Gelais and Chantal Côté

ICI.Exploratv.ca (App available in French only)


Hélène Beauséjour
Manager, Media Relations and Corporate Communications
CBC/Radio-Canada Specialty Channels
T. 514-597-3882 C. 514-895-2397

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