Michel Bissonnette named Executive Vice-President of Radio-Canada

November 2, 2016

Hubert Lacroix, President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, is pleased to announce today the appointment of Michel Bissonnette as Executive Vice-President of Radio-Canada. He takes over from Louis Lalande, who is retiring in January.

A selection board made up of Michèle Fortin, former CEO of Télé-Québec, Alexandre Taillefer, Managing Partner of XPND Capital, three members of the Senior Executive Team and CBC/Radio-Canada President Hubert Lacroix reviewed the many highly qualified candidates who applied from both inside and outside the Corporation.

Michel Bissonnette was the clear choice for several reasons. First, he has extensive experience in the media industry and cultural sector at large, of which Radio-Canada is a key driver. Second, he brings solid knowledge of Radio-Canada’s programming and platforms. And lastly, his innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his proven ability to lead and grow his business over the years, will allow him to maintain the momentum of the public broadcaster’s transformation. He has also demonstrated a firm commitment to Radio-Canada and the central role it should play in our society.

Mr. Bissonnette informed Zone3 that he would be leaving the company this Friday. He takes up his new position on January 9 and will spend the next two months preparing for his arrival at Radio-Canada.

He had the following message for Radio-Canada staff:


I was extremely proud and somewhat humbled to accept Hubert’s invitation to become the new Executive Vice-President of Radio-Canada. For me, leading this great cultural institution is not only a privilege, but also one of the most exciting challenges I’ve ever been offered in my career.

Radio-Canada is a strong brand that provides French-speaking audiences with a unique range of news, entertainment and cultural content. Relevant and varied, the platforms that deliver this content must have a clear positioning that helps further the public broadcaster’s distinctive mandate.

As you know better than I do, Radio-Canada faces daunting challenges in the broadcasting environment, just like all of the other industry players. The impact of digital on audiences, content and revenues is undeniable and inevitable. The public broadcaster’s leadership will be critical to meeting these challenges.

To succeed in this new environment, Radio-Canada must continue to generate programming that stands out for its boldness, originality, credibility and quality. That’s how it will remain the home of Canadian content. That’s how it will be able to reach its French-speaking audiences across the country, attract the young people who have deserted conventional media, and engage all those who believe in the benefits of public service media, regardless of the platform.

To tackle our ever-changing industry, Radio-Canada must also be a financially sustainable institution capable of maximizing its revenue. It must continue to work with domestic and international business partners that will help it fulfill its mandate.

It’s no small challenge – but I’m an optimist. I know we have what it takes to succeed. I say “we” because I already feel like a member of the Radio-Canada family. I want us to strive together to secure the future of the public broadcaster and keep it as relevant as ever.

I look forward to meeting you all very soon.


Career Profile

Michel Bissonnette began his career in 1989 in advertising at the firm Publicis BCP, where he worked as head of accounts. He then made the jump to television with TVA, becoming the network’s executive director of communications (1993–1995) and executive director of creative (1995–1996). He later went on to join Videotron as vice-president of marketing. In 1998, Michel returned to his advertising roots at Publicis BCP as vice-president and executive director of product development. A year later, he returned to television to become executive vice-president of business development and commercialization at Motion International. In 2000, Michel founded ZONE3 Inc. along with three other partners, serving as the company’s creative vice-president and executive producer for nine years before being appointed president in January 2009.

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