Hubert T. Lacroix on the importance of 2017 and why CBC/Radio-Canada wants to be at the heart of Canada’s celebrations

December 2, 2016, Montreal


Hubert T. Lacroix, president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, participated, in Montreal, to the special regional gathering on the Confederation's 150th anniservary and Montreal's 375th anniversary, organized by the 150Alliance, 375MTL and the Foundation of Greater Montreal.

Minister Joly, Mayor Coderre, dear partners, and to everyone gathered here today – Hello!

I am very pleased to be joining you to talk about the celebrations and activities surrounding the 150th anniversary of Confederation and Montreal’s 375th and, more specifically, the role that CBC/Radio-Canada intends to play in them. The work done by the 150Alliance in tandem with the various organizations across the country has been remarkable, and to think that all of this grew out of the 2017 Starts Now conferences held in 2013 is really quite touching.

First, I’d like to congratulate you on the program as a whole. These activities are sure to leave a positive impact on your communities; people will be moved, inspired and treated to some memorable moments.

Your civic involvement is admirable, and your public broadcaster wants to reflect your engagement in our content and across all our platforms. The celebrations of the 150th are for us a unique opportunity to create and showcase highly emotional moments, to bring Canadians together around signature events, and enable conversations between them about celebrating our collective national identity, our diversity, and the values and beliefs that bind us.

Earlier this week, we shared our vision for the future of public broadcasting and Canadian culture as part of the consultations initiated by Ms. Joly, our minister. Our participation in these festivities is perfectly aligned with this vision – a vision that places CBC/Radio-Canada at the heart of Canada’s cultural ecosystem, making it an even stronger, more natural partner to communities and cultural institutions, in order to drive innovation and consolidate our Canadian identity.

At a time when social cohesion is under threat around the world, the 150th-anniversary celebrations are an important opportunity to strengthen our democracy and the ties that bind us – things we should never take for granted.

December 7 will be CBC/Radio-Canada Day. At the 25-day countdown to 2017, we will officially announce our programming initiatives. I promise you a lineup of bold, multiplatform content that offers a unifying vision for the future of our country.

We at CBC/Radio-Canada believe that Canada 150 is but the start of an even greater adventure for generations to come. We want to be at the heart of your celebrations!

Thank you!

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